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2023 Review

Innovations, AI, and the Future of Multifamily Industry Software Leader - Spherexx
2023 has certainly been an action-packed year for weather phenomena, politics, economic improvement, and of course Barbenheimer. At Spherexx, we marked this year with numerous achievements across our suite of products for the multifamily industry. We end the year highlighting a few of the advancements and innovations made in some of our popular products.

Introduction of the ILoveLeasing® AI Digital Agent:


  • Digital Agent Capabilities: Engages prospective residents, creates guest cards, responds to first-contact emails and text messages instantly, conducts human-like conversations, transcribes phone calls, converts voicemails into guest cards, and scores team performance.
  • AI Handling Phone Calls: Phone calls handled by AI offer call transcription and scoring.
  • AI-Powered Phone Call Analysis: Our system not only transcribes and scores phone calls automatically but also employs AI capabilities to classify, qualify, and review calls in near real-time, enabling a comprehensive understanding of conversations and extracting valuable insights.
  • New Time-Saving Features: 2 to 6 hours per day saved with the AI-driven Virtual Agent.
  • Additional Updates: Sister property lead status and nearby availability integration.


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Spherexx Optimize is the Longest Running AI Driven Revenue Management Neural Network. Spherexx Optimize uses algorithmic predictive analysis to stabilize your asset at peak performance. This program learns as it performs and adapts to asset specific anomalies.

  • New Customer Growth: A remarkable 63.78% increase in unit count.
  • Dashboard Redesign: Introducing Customizable Optimize Insights Dashboard, Competitor Analytics and Leasing Dashboard.
  • Multilingual Support: Spanish version of quote sheet and renewal offer letter.
  • Automated Features: Bulk renewal workflow and SMS texting support for quote sheet.


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Spherexx Ad Automation

Spherexx Ad Automation lets you synchronize 80+ online advertising sources like and to conveniently manage floor plans, photo galleries, pricing and lease terms - all in a centralized dashboard

  • Centralized Dashboard: Synchronize 80+ online advertising sources for efficient management.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Mass-applying changes, portfolio-style client support, unit/floorplan search, UTM codes passing and more.
  • Reporting Tools: Unit Pricing Report, user tracking, and logging added for better insights.


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Market Insights Snapshot

Our Market Insight Snapshot tool streamlines the process of collecting and organizing competitor pricing, providing you with several essential reports directly to your email inbox based on your preferred schedule.

Additionally, this plan encompasses a Live Comp Analytics Report (availability permitting), presenting per-unit availability, comparative type rates, and changes in weekly, monthly, and average days on the market. Online reviews are also incorporated into this comprehensive offering.

  • Automated Snapshot Platform: Launched in January 2023.
  • Live Comp Analytics with No Manual Inputs: is a daily check-in on your competitive market with data reported daily from your competitors website.
  • Enhancements: Real-time competitor comparison, added effective rents to reporting, and live comp analytics report.
  • User-Friendly Features: Added options for immediate surveys, floor plan type concessions, and reminders for pre-survey forms.


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Commission Tracking

Spherexx Commission Tracking is a powerful and flexible software solution that automates your incentive and commission management systems. It automatically calculates, reports, and tracks commissions, bonuses, and other rewards while reducing errors and motivating your staff to perform at their best.

  • Company-wide Reporting: Calculating commissions based on user, property, or region.
  • Commission Management Made Easy: Expand management of commissions and bonus plans from porter to CEO using pre-built formulas that is simple to add "if, then" protocol.
  • Enhancements: Additional security measures, new payroll-specific reporting, and improved user function.


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There have been multiple years that Spherexx was a Webby Honoree but we always wanted to be a winner. The Webby award is according to The New York Times, “The Internet’s Highest Honor.” Spherexx has competed for this coveted award with many excellent projects over the years and finally, in 2023, Spherexx took home the prize. Webby WINNER for Websites and Mobiles Sites for Real Estate. It was an incredible honor to be recognized by this international committee.

Acceptance speeches are unique, creative, and limited to only 5 words! Spherexx sums up our winning strategy as: Design Beauty. Performance Beast. Champions!

  • Webby Award Winner: The Katy in Victory Park Best Real Estate Website.
  • Website Accessibility Ongoing Enhancements: WCAG 2.2 was published as a “W3C Recommendation” web standard on 5 October 2023
  • GA4 Rollout: Completed for all SEO clients with live reporting.


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Multifamily Innovation Summit Awards

  • Spherexx ranks #5 in Vendor Category for Best Places to Work
  • #4 in Women’s Inclusivity Category

Owner and founder, Rebecca “Becca” Wilson spoke to our fully assembled team recently, with remote workers virtually present, to celebrate our awards, the holidays, and chili – we had a friendly cook off competition for the coveted Spherexx cutting board awards.

She noted that of all the many awards we have won over the years these are two that she is most proud of because they embody ideals of Spherexx. One, being a great place to work by promoting work-life balance, mutual respect, and valuing each employee. Two, receiving recognition for believing that everyone should have the opportunity to work at such place regardless of gender but more than that of preference, religion, race, anything.

As we look forward to 2024, we will focus on continuing in our tradition of making the best products and providing the best service to our clients while also respecting, honoring, and empowering our team.

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