Increase revenue, set optimal pricing & forecast opportunities with a data-driven revenue management solution.

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New Name

Welcome to Spherexx Optimize, formerly known as Grande Central Rent Push. RentPush has been serving the multifamily industry since its launch in 2011 with superior results. We are rebranding our award-winning revenue management software with the new name: Spherexx Optimize.

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Same Great Vision

Optimize not only provides the best apartment pricing; it maximizes value and stabilizes all aspects of an asset’s value by blending together neural intelligence, innovative operational tools, detailed audit systems and dynamic workflows.  

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Price Confidently

Pricing apartments is hard work! Using the same playbook with traditional spreadsheets and market research just doesn't provide reliable growth in the constantly changing multifamily market. Spherexx Optimize makes complicated pricing decisions easy and effective.

Eliminate Guesswork

With our business intelligence dashboard you'll be able to eliminate guesswork, stay in control and effectively balance optimal unit pricing with lease expirations.  All the tools you need right at your fingertips - lease the right apartment, to the right resident, at the right price.

Maximize Value

In addition to setting prices, Spherexx Optimize also stabilizes your assets, levels vacancy and lifts revenue.  Our users see immediate and sustained revenue growth that consistently outperforms the market.

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Generate Online Renewals

Optimize explains pricing logic that staff members can easily follow, along with action steps to process renewals. Residents enjoy this totally online user experience.


Manage Market Changes

Conduct precise pricing simulations to verify you are making the best rate decisions for your community based on demand in your target area.


Gain Operational Insight

Optimize incorporates layers of operational insights and controls. You’ll be able to keep track of key indicators and expiration health at a glance, which in turn will help you identify areas for improvement.


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Identify Events & Trends

The Visual Rent Roll gives optimal views of how the asset is trending with a drilldown option for specific unit history along with advanced performance queries.

Stay In Control

Customize our pricing recommendations to fit your specific pricing strategy and knowledge of the market. Set user preferences within the software to help you monitor and reach each assets' specific objectives. Our team of experts are also on hand to help with any customizations you might need to reach your long-term and short-term goals.


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Mobile Friendly

We are the only fully responsive revenue managment software in the industry.  Recent events make remote work a normal part of your daily business routine.  Our software was designed to make your job easy whether you are working from home, in the airport, or at the corner coffee shop.


Flexible DIY Option

Every community and management company is different. That's why we offer Optimize DIY for those who prefer a hands-on approach.  Optimize DIY pairs your market knowledge with our reporting tools allowing you to enter and manage your own pricing per unit.


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Batch Renewals

Optimize lets you choose between singular or bulk renewal workflows giving you flexibility to manage renewals in the way that works best for you and your community.  Use the pricing simulation tool to calculate the effect your renewals will have on income before finalization.

  • 30 - 140 day forecasts
  • User configured batches
  • Override price & term per unit
  • Override price & term per type
  • Execute bulk renewals by forecast
  • Execute bulk renewals by flat +/- universal percentage
  • Dashboard includes interactive communication exchange with onsite and other designated teams

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More Features:

  • Amenity based pricing specifications
  • Customizable quote sheets with expiration date included
  • Website presentation with unit pricing & quoting
  • Build your own intelligence dashboard (also available as a standalone service)
  • Narrative builder
  • Turn board maintenance scheduler
  • Upgrade valuation tool
  • Renovation builder with budget management & ROI
  • Proforma builder with forecast analysis
  • Multi-level permission controls for users
  • Customizable alert configurations
  • Dedicated account managers


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Boost Productivity

Spherexx Optimize improves the leasing and renewal experience by eliminating emotional pricing decisions and repetitive tasks so you can focus your attention on marketing, traffic and resident retention.

Perfect for All Asset Types

Available for all portfolio sizes and types including conventional, student housing, new construction, rebranded, renovation, affordable, rent control and senior multifamily assets.

Part of Our Decision Integration Network

Optimize is part of our decision integration network. It is not only an independent platform, but also part of our end-to-end knowledge stream that includes marketing, sales and demand identification. Pair with Spherexx Document Management to easily distribute a digital lease renewal with an optimized rent and lease term. 

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Our software provides accurate, integrated reporting to help you understand where you're great and what areas need work. Access operations overview reporting which includes an interactive, mobile maintenance input feature.


Access web-based training for both your onsite and corporate team. If you prefer in-person training, we can provide customized training sessions for an additional fee.

As an Optimize user, you can particate in pricing calls with our experts.  These calls help you evaluate performance and ensure continued optimization of revenue and property value. Training your own team?  Streamline pricing calls with a shared workspace to audit and train.


Ask about our certification program for trained users.

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Case Study

How Much Can Optimize Boost Revenue?

Sioux Falls, SD |  328 Units  |  20 Month Lease-Up
This community completed construction and lease-up of a new luxury product at premium rates through adverse seasonal conditions. Leasing momentum and velocity were maintained and property stabilization achieved in record time with no concessions.
Result: 21% above market with area trend of -$43 per unit and -4.7%

Arlington, TX  |  228 Units  |  Older Asset Renovation
This community, built in 1974, underwent a renovation to compete with new product. Vacancy turn-over time was lengthened, maintaining occupancy and income while introducing upgraded units. Community upgrades were completed with minor occupancy disruption and per unit pricing escalation.
Result: 14% revenue increase with area trend of -$67 per unit and -5.7% 

Del Ray Beach, FL  |  42 Units  |  Asset Stabilization in Niche Market
This niche market luxury property built in 2007 competes with extended stay hotels and condo rentals. The asset's occupancy, renewal, and revenue were stabilized beyond area market rates.
Result: 13% revenue increase with area trend of +$144 per unit and +7.8%

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Integrate with your Favorite Tools

Pair with other solutions from the Spherexx decision integration network as well as the industry's most popular property management software. Don't see your software listed? Chat with us about custom integration options.

Fully Responsive

Spherexx Optimize is the only revenue management software in the industry that is fully responsive allowing you to easily adapt your workspace to a tablet or phone when needed.

Learns & Adapts

Instead of using pre-coded logic, our software uses machine learning to identify patterns, improve predictions and adapt itself to the constantly changing multifamily pricing environment.

Dedicated Experts

Our support team partners with you to build the best strategy for your community or portfolio. With over 90 years combined experience in the multifamily industry and two CPM®s on staff we know what it takes to succeed.

Success Stories

Spherexx Optimize came along at the perfect time. We were facing a winter lease-up and compromising rents was not an option. I am truly amazed at how simple Optimize made our pricing and availability flow together in a way that stabilized the community from the ground up and brought us into a firmly established new year. We are looking forward to our next two lease-ups with Optimize.

Edward B. Partridge, CPM®
Asset Manager - MacDonald Companies, Inc.

Finding Spherexx Optimize (formerly RentPush) was really a saving grace in our search. The revenue analysts have contributed immensely in the transition to our revenue management program in the field. Because of their experience both as property managers and revenue managers they understand what is required, what is needed and what the end result is. We look at Spherexx Optimize as part of our team!

Bill Larson, CPM®
President - Block Multifamily Group

Spherexx Optimize provides the most effective and relevant pricing and automates all our functions. Our staff can simply log in and generate quote sheets immediately. Optimize even generates our renewal letters and residents can complete the whole process online. The account managers are always just a phone call or email away. We are experiencing stabilization and substantially increased income as a result of our remodel and we are delighted with the results!

Sam Gwin, CAPS
Vice President - Keystone Property Management

Spherexx Optimize has been instrumental in at one property a 19% year over year NOI growth. The owner couldn't believe it! The residents love it because everything is rapid and seamless. Our onsite teams absolutely love the fact that they don't have to individually work each renewal. Now with the push of one button the entire month's renewals can be batched and completed. The success rate and recapture rate for our renewals has really turned around!

Patty Crowder Ford, CAPS
President - Elevate ROI

Simple Pricing

Choose the plan that’s right for your business. Whether you have a small business or a large one, we’ve got you covered.

Optimize Essential Annual Contract

$1.25 / unit per month
  • $1,500 setup fee
  • We price the units, manage the lease expiration & revenue goals
  • Your analyst oversees pricing

Optimize Essential Month to Month

$1.75 / unit per month
  • $2,000 setup fee
  • We price the units, manage the lease expiration & revenue goals
  • Your analyst oversees pricing

Optimize Pro Annual Contract

$1.75 / unit per month
  • $1,500 setup fee
  • We price the units, manage the lease expiration & revenue goals
  • Your analyst oversees pricing with "Optimize Pro" dashboard

Optimize Pro Month to Month

$2.25 / unit per month
  • $2,000 setup fee
  • We price the units, manage the lease expiration & revenue goals
  • Your analyst oversees pricing with "Optimize Pro" dashboard

Optimize Max Annual Contract

$2.75 / unit per month
  • $1,500 setup fee
  • We price the units, manage the lease expiration & revenue goals
  • Our highly-qualified pricing analyst oversees daily pricing and provides guidance, assistance and advisory services

Optimize Max Month to Month

$3.25 / unit per month
  • $2,000 setup fee
  • We price the units, manage the lease expiration & revenue goals
  • Our highly-qualified pricing analyst oversees daily pricing and provides guidance, assistance and advisory services

Optimize DIY Annual Contract

$.75 / unit per month
  • $1,500 setup fee
  • Client enters pricing per unit and oversees the pricing using our revenue management reporting tools

Optimize DIY Month to Month

$1.25 / unit per month
  • $2,000 setup fee
  • Client enters pricing per unit and oversees the pricing using our revenue management reporting tools
  • Renovation Management
  • Visual Rent Roll
  • Narrative Builder
  • Quoting System
  • Speed Lease Renewals
  • Make Ready Digital Board
  • Amenity Upgrade ROI Calculator
  • Development Calculator
  • Competitor Analysis
  • ProForma Builder & Forecast Analysis
  • Build Your Own Business Intelligence Dashboard (Available As a Standalone Service)
  • DIY Version Allows Client to Generate Flat Pricing Rates Per Lease Expirations They Select
  • Hold Time Price Management for Essential, Pro & Max
  • Pricing Does Not Include Software Integrations
  • Custom Integrations Quoted Separately

Power Up with Add-Ons

Optimize is even better with these additional revenue boosting options.

  • I Love Leasing CRM+

    Optimize the prospect journey through customer relations & lead management. Read More

    What Makes I Love Leasing CRM+ Unique?

    1. Boost Lease Conversion by 36% by implementing CRM+'s simple regimens
    2. Integrate 400+ advertising sources and track ad performance
    3. Get live reporting 24/7 from any location per property or portfolio
  • Commission Tracking

    Automatically calculate and track employee rewards with our flexible software solution. Read More

    What Makes Commission Tracking Unique?

    1. Commission Tracking is the only software of its kind in the Multifamily Industry
    2. Saves mega administrative work hours
    3. Flexible to all rewards configurations: commissions, bonuses, percentages, & more
  • Document Management

    Simplify your lease application and documentation process with a digital management platform. Read More

    What Makes Document Management Unique?

    1. Forms styled with your company brand and info gathering preferences.
    2. Secure electronic signatures and payment processing with ID Validation.
    3. Easy access with process alerts for applicants and leasing staff.
  • Help Desk

    Centralize tasks & trouble tickets through an online dashboard. Read More

    What Makes Help Desk Unique?

    1. Centralize all your trouble tickets in a dashboard for speedy resolution
    2. Solve common issues like software, licensing, updates, human resource topics, and contracts
    3. Save valuable work hours and reduce downtime
  • Market Insights

    Optimize income and make informed decisions with on-demand pricing intelligence. Read More

    What Makes Market Insights Unique?

    1. Market research available by segment, 10.6 million units across 70+ metropolitan areas
    2. Choose from three methods of acquiring market intelligence
    3. Unlimited reporting features and on-demand configurations
  • Websites

    Create a superior web experience with both custom & template websites. Read More

    What Makes Websites Unique?

    1. Our websites average 30% of all client leases at a fraction of the cost per lead than other advertising media
    2. Seamless integrations with property management software and services
    3. Optimal functionality: load time, uptime and search ranking
  • Single Sign On

    Quickly access your preferred software services from a single dashboard Read More

    What Makes Single Sign On Unique?

    1. Spherexx encrypted remote dashboard is complimentary to any Spherexx client
    2. Features Floor Plans, Photos, Pre-qualifying Questionnaire and Resident Portal
    3. Keeps condition note records and resident conversations during physical inspections

Help Center

  • How Do I Know My Information Will Remain Confidential?

    Spherexx Optimize is secured on a privately owned data center and your data is segregated by client, so it is impossible for unauthorized entities to access your data. Spherexx has provided hosting and data center storage for management companies including Fortune 500 companies since 2000 and is compliant with Sarbanes Oxley.

  • How Does Optimize Apply Concessions?

    One of Optimize’s best benefits is that it makes the leasing process less complicated by recommending pricing based on a wide range of compressed, competitor and market data.  Optimize provides pricing with concessions already calculated in the recommended rent.

  • Why Is Optimize the Most Advanced Revenue Management System?

    Optimize incorporates a full range of operational factors, specific investment goals, expanded economic data, and precise demand calculations, to create the optimum lease rates.  

  • How Much Information Is Required to Set Up Optimize?

    Optimize requires three years of performance history to establish historical trends that can be optimized and corrected, along with detailed information intake to glean business rules and investment goals for each asset. 


  • What If Our Property Is a New Construction, Lease-up or Re-Brand?

    If you have a new construction, lease-up property or re-brand that doesn't have a full history Optimize can configure your communities from ground zero, we have conducted many lease-ups, etc. We need accurate per unit data with amenity and location upcharges where applied.

  • How Can We Know We Are Getting the Best Price Based on Recommendations?

    Optimize includes a very advanced user interface that not only shows price configuration but also the most vital, community performance data that constantly measures its own success for 24 hour viewing.

  • How Quickly Can Our Optimize Be Fully Operational?

    Depending on the availability of user data, Optimize is generally in operation within 60 days.

  • What Kind of Training Is Included?

    Training is conducted for corporate, onsite, and administrative functions prior to the program launch.  Monthly training sessions are available on request. 

  • How Does Optimize Relate to Our Property Management Software?

    Optimize retrieves data from the property’s accounting software to use in pricing preparation as well as historical income tracking.

  • What Kind of Integrations Are Available?

    Integrations with lead management software, availability and market data feeds are encouraged and available in Optimize.

  • How Are Lease Renewals Calculated In Optimize?

    Optimize studies many facets of demand and closely monitors particular seasonality fluxes along with pricing trends to create the most effective renewal price options.  Optimize also factors in the corporate business rules; adjustments and calculations can be refined on a regular basis.

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