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Establish a powerful brand identity that serves as the core for all your marketing decisions.


We collaborate with you to bring your vision to life through creative solutions and thoughtful design. Our job is to understand your customers and build a brand that speaks their language.


We champion both new businesses and established companies looking to challenge the status quo. In a world of templates and copies, we want to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Identity Design

We create powerful brand identities that are both relevant and authentic. We believe that a successful brand should stand out and create an emotional engagement.

Select from several logo packages to fit your budget.  From the essential logo package, great for small communities, to the unlimited bundle, we have the perfect combination to meet your branding needs.


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Cast a broader net with an updated branding package that creates greater impact and appeal through trending colors and design. You can choose to incorporate elements of your existing brand or start fresh with a new look.


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Brand Story

To capture the spirit and authenticity of your brand, we can create a curated a set of images, patterns, and textures that set the correct emotional tone and tie your brand together with a unified visual style. 

Brand story can be included in a comprehensive branding package or as a stand-alone product to give direction to your marketing and website design.


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Brand Vision & Guidelines

Incorporate your culture, goals and mission into a comprehensive brand vision. This document captures your brand personality, and serves as a reference point for all design, copywriting and marketing decisions that will impact your brand.


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Brochures & Marketing Materials

Build on your new branding with traditional brochures and marketing materials that
reinforce your brand message and support your sales team.  We offer a variety of brochure formats and paper selections. 

We can also design coordinating business cards, signage, flyers, notecards, and other branded print media to match your specifications.


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Naming & Trademarking

Our marketing professionals will generate a selection of names for your community that will become the essential building block for your brand.

We will develop a high level trademark search, demographic synopsis of your customer persona and your business goals to create a selection of unique naming conventions that sets your brand apart.

Branding Audit

Discover how your brand is perceived and avoid confusion with other brand identities with this comprehensive research and report.

Spherexx professionals will research your community for public references and titles that could misdirect your target audience. Sources included are social media, websites, listings, and advertisements that diminish your identity.


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You Are Our Focus

Spherexx is a privately held company with no outside investors or venture capital.  This means we can put our focus on you! We are debt free and committed to our long-term client relationships. 

Clients stay with Spherexx because we can seamlessly connect data across multiple silos and synchronize that data to maximize our client’s daily decision making. Our advertising agency and software development services work in tandem to deliver solutions that set you apart!

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Success Stories

Spherexx knows how to reflect our brand. Their thoughtful and intelligent design mirrors our quality and commitment. Nobody does it better than Spherexx.

Jeremy S. Brown
Partner/Vice President
ZRS Management, LLC

Power Up with Add-Ons

Branding is even better with these additional revenue boosting options.

  • Creative

    Stunning brochures, marketing materials, video production, photography & more. Read More

    What Makes Creative Unique?

    1. We partner with clients to determine their goals and style in a way that will unify their message.
    2. We are experts at incorporating current and traditional design trends to fit your brand.
    3. Two-time honorees from the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences
  • Marketing

    Speak to your audience with powerful content that moves them smoothly through the decision making process. Read More

    What Makes Marketing Unique?

    1. Spherexx has been creating marketing plans since 2000
    2. We leverage design and functionality to make your marketing campaigns easy
    3. Our marketing services produce measurable results
  • Search Engine Marketing

    Target leads with search engine optimization & pay per click advertising Read More

    What Makes Search Engine Marketing Unique?

    1. Engaging search engine landing pages focus on qualified leads versus volume
    2. We are certified Bing and Google Partners
    3. Monthly consultation and quarterly reporting on request
  • Websites

    All the tools you need to build and grow your audience effortlessly

    Read More

    What Makes Websites Unique?

    1. Our websites average 30% of all client leases at a fraction of the cost per lead than other advertising media
    2. Seamless integrations with property management software and services
    3. Optimal functionality: load time, uptime and search ranking

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