Extract & Leverage Critical Data.

Have you ever exhausted more energy locating and extracting critical data than you have constructing your analysis? Spherexx offers a wide selection of business intelligence tools based on identified key performance indicators. We can create a business intelligence model to excavate your pertinent data and translate it into derived intelligence that empowers your decisions.

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Spherexx Revenue Management clients perform on average of 9.2% over market rates according to case studies in four markets.

Spherexx software offers the unique opportunity to review in the clouds and study in the core; our methodology for deciphering and extracting data is solid, immutable and easily executed.

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Finance Solutions. What's Your Industry?

  • Commission Tracking

    Automatically calculate and track employee rewards with our flexible software solution. Read More

    What Makes Commission Tracking Unique?

    1. Commission Tracking calculates & communicates rewards based on events
    2. Saves mega administrative work hours
    3. Flexible to all rewards configurations: commissions, bonuses, percentages, & more
  • Custom Software

    Transform your ideas into custom software solutions that add value to your business. Read More

    What Makes Custom Software Unique?

    1. Our programming team offers the experience needed to realize your software performance goals.
    2. Proficient in ASP, ASP.NET, C#, VB, C++, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, SEO, Social Media, Ecommerce, and CSS Video.
    3. All work is done in house, no 3rd party outsourcing.
  • Document Management

    Make documentation easy with a centralized digital management platform. Read More

    What Makes Document Management Unique?

    1. Forms styled with your company brand and info gathering preferences.
    2. Secure electronic signatures and payment processing.
    3. Detailed process tracking with alerts and automatic event updates for applicants and staff.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    Translate data results into insights & discover hidden opportunities for growth. Read More

    What Makes Enterprise Resource Planning Unique?

    1. We have years of experience in growing market share for our clients.
    2. Our research and focus is on measurable results that expand our clients' footprint.
    3. Spherexx has won 32 national and international awards for excellence since 2000.
  • Optimize

    Increase revenue, set optimal pricing & forecast market opportunities with a data-driven revenue management solution. Read More

    What Makes Optimize Unique?

    1. Mobile design gives you access anytime and anywhere you need it
    2. Available for any portfolio size and type including lease-up projects
    3. Machine learning identifies patterns and adapts to constantly changing pricing environments

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