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I Love Leasing CRM+

Prospect engagement and conversion management software now with leasing automation!

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Where Leasing Teams Are Boss

Spherexx ILoveLeasing CRM+ lead management software streamlines and supports all aspects of leasing and marketing apartments.

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Make Every Lead Count

Make every lead count in real time for higher conversion and closing. Organize all leads into one easily navigated dashboard. Assure all identified engagements are prioritized, tracked, analyzed, and followed up.

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Introducing Leasing Automation

ILoveLeasing Leasing Automation fills the leasing gaps created by busy offices, short staffing and change management due to advancing technology. It gathers critical prospect data, increases lease conversion, sends post-tour surveys, and helps you optimize advertising spend.

Automation helps your leasing personnel respond to prospects in a timely, caring manner and allows you to assign auto triggers based on your unique preferences.


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Automated Lead Nurturing

ILoveLeasing CRM+ automation nurtures leads alongside your leasing personnel by:

  • Automatically collecting prospect information
  • Making suggestions and sending reminders to aid leasing staff
  • Driving prospects to schedule a tour or start an application for residency
  • Monitoring idle leads

Post Tour Surveys

Automation provides invaluable prospect insights into all areas of property management to refine your product presentation workflows. Surveys can be sent by personnel anytime from the initial contact through new resident move-in.  This feature is especially valuable in new construction properties.


Top Features:

  • Hand-off leasing automation
  • Professionally pre-written correspondence library
  • Lead conversion calculator
  • Robust integrations with legacy software
  • Website plug-in for self-scheduling of tours
  • Track leasing teams & ad source performance
  • Email & text broadcasting + drip campaigns
  • Appointment integrations with Microsoft Outlook®, Gmail® & others
  • Executive access & reporting
  • Automatic de-duplication engine to deliver clean traffic into PMS
  • Mobile app companion for Apple® & Android® phones


Why Use A CRM? We Already Have a Lead Process In Place

Our research of 3.5 million leads and 4.7 million phone calls over two years validates:

  • Optimal lead conversion requires personally responding to a prospect within one hour.
  • Triple contact to lead conversion by 308% by following up a prospect with six-plus points of contact.
  • Double lead to lease conversion by 226% by following up a prospect with six-plus points of contact.

ILoveLeasing CRM+ can help you easily achieve these best practices with lead prioritization, follow-up automation and pre-populated email, text and phone templates.

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The Preferred Adaptive CRM for Multifamily Teams for 15 Years

Spherexx ILoveLeasing CRM+ was developed in 2006 when we saw the need to digitize and improve the lead tracking process.

Some of the leading innovations on our software platform include duplicate lead merging, drip campaigns, formal time-stamped quoting, dynamic number insert, point of sale tablet app, and segmentation of virtual touring by type.

Today our software is most powerful and affordable sales tool on the market when coupled with our robust companion software, integrated with your favorite accounting software and connected to your advertising channels.

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400+ Lead Sources

Integrate advertising with popular Internet Listing Services and other advertising sources to channel all your valuable leads and contact information into a centralized dashboard that expedites follow-up, budget analysis, and feasibility assessments. We can also incorporate sources not currently in place.

Expert Training

Each subscription includes weekly group training and webinars with our expert coaches. Our coaches help you create a customized action plan to optimize your strengths, identify areas that need work and celebrate growth.

We also provide private "go live" training for all your team members. In addition, we offer monthly corporate-level meetings for district or regional managers and corporate executives. 

Visit our support center anytime for helpful, self-paced learning videos. Our knowledge base is available 24/7 to provide answers to frequently asked questions and guide you through the most common problems. 

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Get the Mobile App

Manage the Day Right from Your Phone

Today's busy work environment means that work doesn't stop when you step away from your desk!  The ILoveLeasing CRM+ mobile app keeps you connected and helps you stay updated on the status of every opportunity! It's easy to enter new guest cards, nurture your leads and respond to questions in real-time.


What? No Typing Required?

Ok, so your not great with tiny keyboards! With our mobile app, you can speed up the data entry process even further by using your phone's built-in voice control.

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Driver's License Scan

Once you download the mobile app you can create a guest card with just a few clicks! Use the scan in the leasing office or as you take prospects around the community on a tour. 

If the prospect has visited the community before, the scan will let you know that guest card is already stored in the app.


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Integrate with your Favorite Tools

Pair with other solutions from the Spherexx decision integration network as well as the industry's most popular property management software. Don't see your software listed? Chat with us about custom integration options.

Lead Attribution & DNI

Spherexx I Love Leasing CRM+ identifies both primary and secondary lease sources. It can track multiple lead sources and, depending on your Property Management Software setup, our programming allows sources to be rolled-up and attributed to a single network (CoStar, RentPath, etc). Our DNI (Dynamic Number Insert) tracks both primary and secondary sources.

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The All-in-one Power Kit

ILoveLeasing CRM+ puts all the tools you need to into one convenient package. Convert leads, enhance productivity and optimize performance with ease all from your ILoveLeasing CRM+ dashboard.

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Success Stories

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how well I Love Leasing CRM+ has been working for us on our lease-ups and what a game changer it has been for our site leasing team. I am so glad I was able to convince ownership to invest in Lead Management on all new communities moving forward. Your team is fantastic to work with and super responsive.

Kari Fredrick
Director of Marketing - OneStreet Residential

ILoveLeasing CRM+ is an easy to use yet highly sophisticated customer relationship management tool. The program has improved efficiency, reduced advertising spending, and allowed for real time executive reporting that has enhanced my overall decision making. I would enthusiastically recommend this program to any owner who desires roll-up performance analytics, improved onsite efficiency, and the ability to make more strategic marketing decisions.

Tara Carter, CPM®, CAM®, MBA
President of Multifamily Management - Dodson Property Management

Our partnership with Spherexx has been outstanding. The ILoveLeasing CRM+ tool and services their organization provides are an integral part of our workflow. As we faced challenges with the changing environment of 2020, their team stepped up to provide immediate solutions. They instantly adapted to various methods of touring, giving us the freedom to choose the options we support. It has been incredibly helpful to not only have the tools to shift with the market, but to know which strategies are working best.

Brian Miller
Director of Marketing - Berger Rental Communities

Managing so many advertising sources and instantly seeing real-time conversion gives me confidence in spending our marketing dollars wisely. Our lead volume doubled between November 2020 and November 2021 and our leases quadrupled. That's a 300% increase in lease transactions. For six months between June-Nov20 and June-Nov21, our leads increased 21% and leases 84% and tours almost tripled.

Alexandra Allie
Regional Director - Inspired Senior Healthcare

We were the first company to launch the ILoveLeasing CRM+ and Rent Manager integration in 2018 and the system has improved our prospecting efforts ever since. From advertising performance, lead volume statistics, and cost per lead/lease, our efforts are clearly identifiable. It is comforting to know that all our leads are accounted for in one central module, which makes it easy for tracking and resident conversion. Overall, the ILoveLeasing CRM+ solution for us is very valuable and the team at Spherexx provides continued assistance and custom reporting, if needed, so we can continue to better our prospecting efforts.

Nicole Schook
Operations Manager - Eagle Rock Management

I have been working in this industry for over twenty years and I have used all of the different programs out there and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ILoveLeasing CRM+ the most!

Corey Lanzara
Property Manager - The Kamson Corporation

ILoveLeasing CRM+ is one of the best tools for leasing & marketing in the property management industry. Our qualified traffic has increased 12%, leases by 50%, and our closing rate by 36% in the first three months. The seamless integration with our property management software effectively allows our leasing agents to focus efforts on closing. From a corporate level, the executive dashboard depicts an excellent picture of our team's real time performance on a comprehensive overview. Lead tracking management has never been easier!

Zac Weinberger
Regional Director - Royal Communities

There are so many things to love about ILoveLeasing CRM+. I love that I get responses from our account manager the same day. I love how they respond with detailed explanations and screenshots! I love how information is always consistent when we talk with any Spherexx team member. Our onsite team doesn't have to be concerned about lead duplication or transferring leads to sister communities; and the program queues up "next steps" automatically to keep follow-up on track. Then there is the intense data analytics that helps me make the best advertising investments. I Love ILoveLeasing CRM+.

Rolanda Charles
Regional Marketing & Sales Director - Campus Living Villages

We've used I Love Leasing CRM+ for the last four years and it has substantially improved our prospect follow-up and leasing opportunities. I no longer rely on the honor system when reviewing leasing activities with our onsite teams, I already have all the facts I need to discuss our upcoming marketing plans. Our Rent Manager integration saves us so much time, there is no double entry required and we have great reporting. We can also broadcast email or text and track calls and sources with the optional add-ons.

Melissa M. Zaleski
Director of Operations - Paradise Management, LLC

"ILoveLeasing CRM+ is one of the best programs for leasing sales and prospect tracking!" Pros: The pre-made list of contact responses for all different types of prospects is amazing. They have templates that are specific to the needs of clients making follow up a breeze. Cons: I really have no cons for this software. I have used many other programs in the course of 15 years and ILoveLeasing CRM+ was one of the most beneficial to my properties.

Executive Assistant - Review Provided By Capterra

"Amazing support team!"
Overall: Best way to track the on site team and ensure they are meeting our company standards.
Pros: It is extremely simple to use once you get the hang of the way the software works! I train new leasing people to use this daily and I feel like after a little overview they are able to really advance!! The corporate team are EXTREMELY responsive when it comes to adding sources or properties!
Cons: I am honestly very happy with the software in general- the stalled lead report is not my favorite though and can be slightly confusing/misleading.

Tori D.
Senior Portfolio Manager - Review Provided By Capterra

"I use this program every day!" Pros: I like that it can export leasing leads. It is fairly ease to use. I don't know all the ends and outs of the program, but it is helpful for what I use it for. Cons: It doesn't always record the calls. Sometimes new leads are imported from Yardi, however, it comes through as a new lead versus attaching all the related information with it so you have to type out the information twice.

Cherlisa R.
Assistant Manager - Review Provided By Capterra

"I Love Leasing CRM+ is amazing!" Pros: I Love Leasing CRM+ helps in so many ways. I am able to get leads when we have a slow week. I can also look at reports and see what days we have more traffic at our property. I can see what time of day we get more traffic as well and that helps me determine when to stay in the office and not take a lunch or what my off days should be. Cons: I do not like the new update where when we came a call lead we can only put in the name. We have the option to put in notes but it doesn't transfer over into Yardi like it use to. They may be something our company has to suggest but I'm not sure.

Aliea M.
Leasing Agent - Review Provided By Capterra

"Super Easy to Claim Leads!" Pros: Our office was having issues entering all our leads (phone & email). This program has made lead tracking 10 times better! I really love it auto responds to email leads and it has many options for email replies. Cons: There was a new upgrade when listening to calls (after the call) that I do not care for. You are not able to add notes if you select that you were listening to the call instead of in the call.

Jacque H.
Manager - Review Provided By Capterra

"Love this program!" Pros: It is one of the best organization tools. It shows me all of my emails I have sent to the customer and shows me the last time I contacted them which helps me a lot in what I do. You can also make preset emails to send which is really handy.
Cons: I haven't had many issues at all. Just a few glitches here and there. Nothing to complain about because it keeps me sane.

Diana M.
Leasing Agent - Review Provided By Capterra

"LOVE " Pros: It is very easy to operate and the webpage looks inviting. I like being able to see what my staff is doing and being able to listen to their phone calls without them knowing. I really like you can edit a callers info while on the phone with them.Love that we can look at our availability from their page instead of having to use both programs.
Cons: I dislike that when a user leaves, all their leads even the inactive come back up to be reclaimed. I wish there were more reason for inactive options.

Antoinette B.
Property Manager - Review Provided By Capterra

"A great tool to analyze our properties' day to day operations"
Pros: It's very user friendly & the reports allow us to review many aspects of our properties operations so that we can better serve our residents.
Cons: Some of the reports that we use do not upload correctly into a different format, such as excel or PDF, making it hard to share with others.

Verified User
Software User for 2+ years - Review Provided By Capterra

"Great tool, great team!"
Pros: I Love Leasing CRM+ is an extremely thoughtful lead management tool for the Multi-Family Housing industry. It feels that it was designed by a team of people that truly understand the leasing process. As a result, the tool is effective, it's easy to use, and has robust reporting. The tool integrates with other systems and tools nicely, and has been well received by our on-site team members.
Cons: I wish that there were more options with emails/automation. I'd like to be able to turn on a drip email function that identifies the bedroom type and move-in time period of a guest card so that it sends out emails based on the progress of the guest card. "Your move in date is approaching..." type of thing. More of a wishlist item versus a dislike though.

Verified User
Software User for 2+ years - Review Provided By Capterra

"I love the reports and ease of use!"
Overall: I love the reports, and am able to see how well we are managing our leads.
Pros: The reports are great - I can easily identify issues with specific personnel to ensure training is provided early on. They also have a great report to show the best staff across the portfolio which makes everyone compete to win for the month!
Cons: I don't like that when an unqualified/inaccurate lead comes in, you must log a "phone call" and add notes that it is a false lead. If you do not, it will include the lead with those that are not contacted, reducing your true contact rate.

Becky O.
Regional Manager - Review Provided By Capterra

"Both the customer service and ILoveLeasing are simply INCREDIBLE!"
Overall: The reporting and ability to follow-up.
Pros: EVERYTHING! From the reports, to the lead tracking options to the follow-up tool. This system offers SO MUCH!
Cons: What's not to like? There is so much information available. The hardest thing is learning everything that is available. But, the great team offers incredible training and they are always available to assist.

John S.
Director of Training and Marketing Strategies - Review Provided By Capterra

"Site is easy to use and understand!"
Pros: Software is very user friendly. Reports are sent weekly directly to my email. Customized reports can be done quickly for any of my sites. I would recommend this site to anyone. Easy set up and easy to use.
Cons: Only Con is that sometimes the connection to One Site does not seem to work well. I had no issues when on Yardi.

Katrina A.
Regional Manager - Review Provided By Capterra

"Extremely helpful to my team" Pros: The reporting tools, user friendly web page, tracking tools, support staff, visibility to on site staff

Emily S.
Regional Manager - Review Provided By Capterra

Power Up with Add-Ons

I Love Leasing CRM+ is even better with these additional revenue boosting options.

  • Ad Automation

    Synchronize your online advertising with a convenient centralized dashboard. Read More

    What Makes Ad Automation Unique?

    1. Customized to feature single units, types and intermittent specials or broadcast updates with one action
    2. Integrates 80+ advertising locations
  • Chat

    Engage visitors with real-time chats 24/7 and increase conversions. Read More

    What Makes Chat Unique?

    1. Delivers user history and traffic behavior into CRM+ and lead tracking software
    2. Highly customizable with ability to adjust online status
    3. Allows multiple user chats, chat hand off, and interoffice chats
  • Connect

    Reach your audience at exactly the right time through beautifully branded & personalized messaging. Read More

    What Makes Connect Unique?

    1. Email and text services respond intuitively to recipients' actions
    2. Preschedule optimal launch times
    3. Conduct A/B Testing
  • Creative

    Stunning brochures, marketing materials, video production, photography & more. Read More

    What Makes Creative Unique?

    1. We partner with clients to determine their goals and style in a way that will unify their message.
    2. We are experts at incorporating current and traditional design trends to fit your brand.
    3. Two-time honorees from the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences
  • Document Management

    Simplify your lease application and documentation process with a digital management platform. Read More

    What Makes Document Management Unique?

    1. Forms styled with your company brand and info gathering preferences.
    2. Secure electronic signatures and payment processing with ID Validation.
    3. Easy access with process alerts for applicants and leasing staff.
  • Inspect

    Everything you need to organize & execute inspections on the go Read More

    What Makes Inspect Unique?

    1. Integrate advertising source responses into the CRM+ dashboard
    2. Identify what venues are producing qualified prospects
    3. Prioritize leads, provide customized brochures and sets follow-up alerts
  • Leasing Book

    Transform your leasing folder into a convenient point of sale tablet app that engages prospects on the spot Read More

    What Makes Leasing Book Unique?

    1. Outperforms traditional tour closing rates by 64%
    2. Fully integrated guest card with one-touch capture
    3. Take on tour around the property or setup in kiosk mode for self-touring
  • Optimize

    Increase revenue, set optimal pricing & forecast opportunities with a data-driven revenue management solution. Read More

    What Makes Optimize Unique?

    1. Mobile design gives you access anytime and anywhere you need it
    2. Available for any portfolio size and type including lease-up projects
    3. Machine learning identifies patterns and adapts to the changes of the multifamily pricing environment
  • Single Sign On

    Quickly access your preferred software services from a single dashboard Read More

    What Makes Single Sign On Unique?

    1. Spherexx encrypted remote dashboard is complimentary to any Spherexx client
    2. Features Floor Plans, Photos, Pre-qualifying Questionnaire and Resident Portal
    3. Keeps condition note records and resident conversations during physical inspections
  • Voice Attendant

    Convert callers with an automated voice attendant that can answer calls 24/7. Read More

    What Makes Voice Attendant Unique?

    1. Vast Response bank reduces redundancy
    2. Integrates with product availability
    3. Provides amenities, policies, fees and directions to the information center
  • Call Services

    Identify ad sources that are giving the best return on investment Read More

    What Makes Call Services Unique?

    1. Diverts non sales related calls to operation numbers and locations
    2. Offers Dynamic Number Insert (DNI) to track ad sources
    3. Outbound call recording supports training and accountability

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