Document Management

Make the application and lease documentation process easy with a centralized digital management platform.


Digital Rental Application

A seamless lease application experience begins here. Streamline prospect engagement and administrative processing with the Spherexx Digital Rental Application.

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Lease & Addendum Management

A seamless lease management experience begins here. Spherexx lease document execution saves signatories one hour per lease.

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Digital Forms Your Way

The days of awkward adaptation to standardized formats are no longer necessary.  Generate forms styled with your company’s specific information-gathering preferences, clauses, limitations, addendums, and requirements all with ADA compliance. Add your translated forms to ensure all prospects have access to the digital leasing process.


Alerts and Status Updates

Link applicants from your website, digital brochure, email, text, QR code, or other advertising venues to your custom application for residency and Spherexx Document Management takes it from there. You will receive alerts and the application with automatic event updates and analytics within the dashboard.


Secure Document Access and Processing

Spherexx Document Management is SSL secure and GDPR/CCPA/TheShieldNYC compliant.  Each lease folder is stored securely for up to 30 days while the application is signed and processed.  The documents are then uploaded to your property management software for permanent storage or your designated online/offline storage destination.


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Process Tracking & Reporting

Spherexx Document Management generates reporting that follows lease process and progress, shows any balance dues, creates activity logs and updated events along with pending item alerts.

Applicants can easily access all required documents, review at their leisure and sign in minutes with support for multiple occupant and guarantor signatures. 

Clients will have the ability to use Spherexx digital signature for free with no legal validation, AssureSign (no ADA compliance), or DocuSign (includes ADA compliance).  Additional recurring fees will apply for DocuSign integration.

Customized Lease Forms & Documentation

Create your company’s lease form and addendums to your specifications and edit with ease. Spherexx Document Management automates lease documentation with ADA compliance, SSL security and GDPR/CCPA/TheShieldNYC compliance.


Additional Forms

Spherexx can also create and store other useful forms such as checklists, addendums and other management specific documents in your document management library.


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Save Time & Focus on What Matters

With Spherexx Document Management you can eliminate time-consuming signature meetings and physical file preparations.  No more frustration with multiple copies of forms or trying to get the scanner and fax working correctly.  No time wasted waiting on slow internet to download and upload files.

Reduce errors, populate legal documents with accounting software integration and automate I Love Leasing CRM+ analytics.


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Integrate with your Favorite Tools

Consider using Spherexx I Love Leasing CRM+ to distribute the leasing workflow to prospects and we will pull pricing and availability data from your property management software or revenue management provider to insure accurate pricing data.

How We’re Different

Best of Breed

Spherexx Document Management integrates with various property management accounting software, payment processors, screening providers and document execution software.

Branded Forms

Add your brand identity and specific criteria with tailored management forms.


All documents, contracts and agreements can contain your company's unique legal requirements, verbiage and governmental requirements.

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Our team of experts can walk you through all the features of this powerful yet easy-to-use tool and recommend the best plan to fit your company.

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