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Document Management

Simplify your lease application and documentation process with a digital management platform.

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Digital Rental Application

A seamless lease application experience begins here. Our centralized platform allows you to manage and distribute branded digital rental applications with ease.

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Lease & Addendum Management

A seamless lease management experience begins here. Spherexx lease document execution streamlines administrative processing and saves signatories an average of one hour per lease.

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Digital Forms Your Way

With Spherexx Document Management System, your prospect can complete an application for residency that has been completely tailored to your management company’s brand and state and local statutes.

You can also validate identity with an integrated third-party provider, and add addendums and other forms to the application.

Upon completion, your prospective resident is sent to a document signing application and then to the payment processor. At that point, the accounting system is automatically updated along with Spherexx CRM.


Built-In Alerts & Reminders

Our full-featured dashboard offers automatic event updates and reminders for both applicants and onsite leasing teams.  You'll be alerted when an application is completed or your onsite team needs to counter sign.  In addition, you can send out reminders to residents for renewals and review analytics on demand.


Include Multiple Applicants

Applicants can easily access all required documents, review at their leisure and sign in minutes with support for multiple applicants and guarantor signatures for each unit.


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Management Dashboard

In the management portal, each step and status update are followed and reviewed through the management dashboard while being automatically included in analytics. After deposits and fees are paid, the application is sent directly to a screening service of choice, or vetting according to the company’s protocol, and the accounting system is updated accordingly. Upon approval, the corporate customized lease documents and addendums are generated within the system and sent to the applicant(s) for signatures.

Digital Signatures

Clients have the option of adding electronic signatures (additional fees apply). These signatures are legally enforceable in most business transactions.  


Secure Document Access and Processing

All your documents are SSL secure and GDPR/CCPA/TheShieldNYC compliant.  Each lease folder is stored securely for up to 30 days while the application is signed and processed.  The documents are then uploaded to your property management software provider or other designated storage destination for permanent storage.


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Save Time & Focus on What Matters

With Spherexx Document Management you can eliminate time-consuming signature meetings and physical file preparations.  No more frustration with multiple copies of forms or trying to get the scanner and fax working correctly.  No time wasted waiting on slow internet to download and upload files.

Reduce errors, populate legal documents with accounting software integration and automate I Love Leasing CRM+ analytics.


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You Are Our Focus

Spherexx is a privately held company with no outside investors or venture capital.  This means we can put our focus on you! We are debt free and committed to our long-term client relationships. 

Clients stay with Spherexx because we can seamlessly connect data across multiple silos and synchronize that data to maximize our client’s daily decision making. Our advertising agency and software development services work in tandem to deliver solutions that set you apart!

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Integrate with your Favorite Tools

Integrate the digital rental application into your existing workflow with Spherexx I Love Leasing CRM+. We'll pull pricing & availability data from your property or revenue management provider to ensure real-time pricing data. Pair with Spherexx Revenue Management to optimize your pricing and smooth out move-ins and move-outs. You can easily distribute a digital lease renewal with an optimized rent and lease term. It's simple for your leasing team to complete the counter signature for a fully paperless workflow. We can also embed your rental application into any website with a few lines of code.

Simple Pricing

Choose the plan that’s right for your business. Whether you have a small business or a large one, we’ve got you covered.


$19.99 / per property per month

All documents must be printed and traditionally signed to execute. No digital signature included. Setup cost is quoted after we review the documents to be digitized.

DMS + eSignature

$25 / per property per month

Plus $5.50 per DocuSign envelope. An "envelope" is all the signatures needed by both parties including roommates for one rental application workflow or one lease document workflow. Signature fee includes the primary occupant, additional occupants, and all the documents in the application, new lease and renewal lease workflow (application, new lease, renewal lease, addendums, riders, etc.). Setup cost is quoted after we review the documents to be digitized.

  • Get a quote to convert existing documents to a digital format. Pricing starts at $500.
  • Documents are designed responsively for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Power Up with Add-Ons

Document Management is even better with these additional revenue boosting options.

  • Commission Tracking

    Automatically calculate and track employee rewards with our flexible software solution. Read More

    What Makes Commission Tracking Unique?

    1. Commission Tracking is the only software of its kind in the Multifamily Industry
    2. Saves mega administrative work hours
    3. Flexible to all rewards configurations: commissions, bonuses, percentages, & more
  • I Love Leasing®

    Multifamily's trusted lead management software powered with AI!

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    What Makes I Love Leasing® Unique?

    1. Boost Lease Conversion by 36% by implementing CRM+'s simple regimens
    2. Integrate 400+ advertising sources and track ad performance
    3. Get live reporting 24/7 from any location per property or portfolio
  • Inspect

    Everything you need to organize & execute inspections on the go Read More

    What Makes Inspect Unique?

    1. Integrate advertising source responses into the CRM+ dashboard
    2. Identify what venues are producing qualified prospects
    3. Prioritize leads, provide customized brochures and sets follow-up alerts
  • Market Insights

    The best source for multifamily market survey data and competitor intelligence Read More

    What Makes Market Insights Unique?

    1. Market research available by segment, 13 million units across major metropolitan areas
    2. Choose from three methods of acquiring market intelligence
    3. Unlimited reporting features and on-demand configurations
  • Websites

    All the tools you need to build and grow your audience effortlessly

    Read More

    What Makes Websites Unique?

    1. Our websites average 30% of all client leases at a fraction of the cost per lead than other advertising media
    2. Seamless integrations with property management software and services
    3. Optimal functionality: load time, uptime and search ranking

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