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Market Insights

Optimize income and make informed decisions with on-demand pricing intelligence.

Understand Your Market

Market Insights is a sophisticated, web-based software designed to compare and calculate vital apartment market research.  It's ideal for corporate and on-site teams interested in saving time and improving data accuracy in the highly competitive multifamily market.


Stay Relevant

With Market Insights, you can easily analyze and organize your market data to keep your pricing and concessions relevant to today's informed apartment shoppers looking for instant results.

70 Metro Areas & Growing

We have an ever growing database of 13 million apartments in over 70 of the most popular metro areas nationwide.

Gain Competitive Positioning

Get a better view of your competition with targeted data by zip code, distance or geographic location. Analyze area construction permits and conduct net effective rent comparisons to make sure you are competing effectively in your market.

Identify Market Trends

Identify market trends in real time as events are unfolding.


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Understand Your Customer

Use side-by-side data comparison to learn the price your customers are willing to pay. Understand which amenities they value and see how it impacts their willingness to pay for an apartment with those features.

Capitalize on Unique Selling Points

With an understanding of what your customer values, you'll be able to use your communities unique selling points to differentiate your product from the competitor pool. 


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You Are Our Focus

Spherexx is a privately held company with no outside investors or venture capital.  This means we can put our focus on you! We are debt free and committed to our long-term client relationships. 

Clients stay with Spherexx because we can seemlessly connect data across multiple silos and synchronize that data to maximize our client’s daily decision making. Our advertising agency and software development services work in tandem to deliver solutions that set you apart!

More About Us

Success Stories

I heard some great feedback from our management team from our launch of Spherexx Market Insights survey software. It is extremely easy to use, the report graphs are attractive and easy to follow, we can quickly study the comparisons between us and our competitors without further analytics and everyone appreciates the streamlined format so there is very little training required. We like that one dashboard views and analyzes surveys for all locations and that there is standardized and consistent reporting for owners. The trend reporting and outliers' identity features are a favorite. It's so easy to update, reproduce pricing if there are no changes, provide alerts, and finalize into a cool, official report.

Spherexx Market Insights is an amazing tool for the multi-family industry. Not only does it save time, but it improves data accuracy to keep up with this highly competitive market that we are currently in. With this tool we can analyze and organize our pricing to keep it relevant to our competitors.

Clint Miller
VP of Operations, Multifamily Management - Franklin Street

AMLI Residential has used Spherexx's Market Insights for almost 5 years due to its user friendly interface and support, allowing our properties to track comps efficiently and take advantage of their many reporting options. Our account representative and their team are extremely helpful and always available to assist with any questions, which allows us to focus on the data.

Alexis Lorenzen
Report Analyst - AMLI Residential

Spherexx Market Insights augments our management expertise on so many levels. The level of detail and aesthetics it produces is frankly amazing - talk about leverage. On a corporate level, team leaders can access multi-faceted marketing data in moments, view trends, sort information at will, view update performance, and share survey data instantly. It is also a powerful acquisition tool. Would not want to be without it!

Scott Wilder
Senior Vice President - Lincoln Property Company

I am thrilled that I don't have to check spreadsheet formulas any more. Market Insights automatically calculates and stores square foot rates, price changes, annualized rent roll, and net effective rent plus much more. I never have to worry about a formula misfiring or being deleted or relocated again. The reports look great, but my favorite is the averages report. The regional reports help me review pertinent property data in a way that was not possible without a lot of extra work before we began using Market Insights. Thanks, Spherexx for coming up with such a great marketing tool!

Luanne McNulty
Vice President - ZRS Management, LLC

Power Up with Add-Ons

Market Insights are even better with these additional revenue boosting options.

  • Commission Tracking

    Automatically calculate and track employee rewards with our flexible software solution. Read More

    What Makes Commission Tracking Unique?

    1. Commission Tracking is the only software of its kind in the Multifamily Industry
    2. Saves mega administrative work hours
    3. Flexible to all rewards configurations: commissions, bonuses, percentages, & more
  • Growth Consulting

    Translate data results into insights & discover hidden opportunities for growth. Read More

    What Makes Growth Consulting Unique?

    1. We have years of experience in growing market share for our multi-family clients.
    2. Our research and focus is on measurable results that expand our clients' footprint.
    3. Spherexx has won 32 national and international awards for excellence since 2000.
  • I Love Leasing CRM+

    Prospect engagement and conversion management software now with leasing automation! Read More

    What Makes I Love Leasing CRM+ Unique?

    1. Boost Lease Conversion by 36% by implementing CRM+'s simple regimens
    2. Integrate 400+ advertising sources and track ad performance
    3. Get live reporting 24/7 from any location per property or portfolio
  • Inspect

    Everything you need to organize & execute inspections on the go Read More

    What Makes Inspect Unique?

    1. Integrate advertising source responses into the CRM+ dashboard
    2. Identify what venues are producing qualified prospects
    3. Prioritize leads, provide customized brochures and sets follow-up alerts
  • Optimize

    Increase revenue, set optimal pricing & forecast opportunities with a data-driven revenue management solution. Read More

    What Makes Optimize Unique?

    1. Mobile design gives you access anytime and anywhere you need it
    2. Available for any portfolio size and type including lease-up projects
    3. Machine learning identifies patterns and adapts to the changes of the multifamily pricing environment
  • Single Sign On

    Quickly access your preferred software services from a single dashboard Read More

    What Makes Single Sign On Unique?

    1. Spherexx encrypted remote dashboard is complimentary to any Spherexx client
    2. Features Floor Plans, Photos, Pre-qualifying Questionnaire and Resident Portal
    3. Keeps condition note records and resident conversations during physical inspections

Help Center

  • 10 Reasons You Need Market Insights

    Reason 1: Concession Calculations
    It is taking you a long time to calculate how much your concessions are impacting your income projections.

    Reason 2: Time Management
    You don’t always have time to read through all of your market data and determine what changes need to be made.

    Reason 3: Pricing Confidence
    You are not confident that the price information you have in your spreadsheet report is correct because formulas often get corrupted and data saved over.

    Reason 4: Market Surveys
    You don’t know for certain if your market update personnel actually conducted a survey because the price and promotions have not changed.

    Reason 5: Market Trends
    You don’t know how your community is trending compared to the combined competitors in the designated market group.

    Reason 6: Comparison Studies
    You would like to put more emphasis on gaining occupancy than increasing market rates on one of your subjects, but you have no simple method of overall, direct comparison to that specific area of performance within the market group.

    Reason 7: Reporting
    You have multiple investors/owners/directors that all require different kinds of marketing reports at different due frequencies.

    Reason 8: Due Diligence
    You conduct due diligence studies in uncharted markets with limited time allowed to recommend acquisition, disposition or renovation.

    Reason 9: On-Demand Pricing Data
    You currently have to clump monthly pricing data into quarterly reports.

    Reason 10: Portfolio & Competitor Comparisons
    You want to know how your subject

  • Do You Provide Competitor Pricing?

    Competitive price shopping is a masterful art that Market Insights teaches through the nature of its analytical process.  We do not provide competitive pricing for your property but we equip users to gather and maintain pricing data that can be used to make intelligent pricing decisions.

    Market Insights provides historical pricing at a glance and outrageously gorgeous reports that share market impact information instantly with owners, investors and decision makers. It also provides a walk-though shopping system that makes even the junior agents a whiz. Plus, we provide a series of optional reminders that keep users on track with their marketing deadlines.


  • Our Revenue Management Software Sets Our Prices! Why Would We Need a Market Survey?

    Revenue management software bases its price setting recommendations on regional averages archived in their own database.  Therefore, your pricing is primarily calculated on regional averages and competitor pricing data that has been grouped into common unit types and sizes.

    Knowing your local neighborhood, metro area and regional competitors is vital to establishing optimum pricing and minimal discounts.  No broad-based average can take the place of having detailed pricing information with subjective insight on how to maximize pricing structure and still remain competitive.

  • Tell Me More About Reporting

    Property Level Reporting
    There are 28 reports available on the single property level that show the marketer summary comparisons, detailed information, historical data, trends, ranges, floor plan type, amenities, neighborhood, narratives, concessions, rents by square foot, utility data, and more. 

    Custom Reporting
    As a Market Insights user you have the ability to create custom reports by simply dragging and dropping topics of interest.

    Report Alerts
    Market Insights has an alert function that lists missing report data when a report is finalized.  The alerts are also sent to the upper-level management so they can follow up on any vital information that needs to be added or edited.

    Distributing Reports
    Sharing surveys has never been easier.  Because Market Insights is web-based, anyone permitted to view your company's market survey information can be given access to your survey data, as well as current and archived reports.  Market Insight reports can also be quickly and easily emailed to external staff or support teams.

  • Tell Me More About Data Security & Integrity

    What Security Levels Do You Provide?
    Market Insights lets decision makers establish who has access to the program according to security levels that are preset with specific limitations.  For instance, the property manager can assign permission to a data entry level user to access certain areas of the program.  This feature protects your account from mischief and loss.  Additionally, every user login is recorded in Market Insights.

    How Do I Know That Our Market Data Will Not be Lost?
    Market Insights has a failsafe system that backs up data on several levels.  No survey can be saved until all previous surveys are finalized and are no longer open for editing.  Additionally, market information is segregated and never shared across company lines.

  • Will It Take a Long Time to Setup My Marketing Data?

    Not at all, that is why we do the set up for you, whether you have five or fifteen competitors. You simply send us your current survey data and we enter it into your account. If information is missing, we will set up a reminder for you to add that information to make your survey more effective.

    We also set up customized amenity options by company so you can request as many special features and details as you like.

  • How Do I Learn to Use Market Insights?

    New Users
    We provide a one-hour group training session for all new users.  Your support team member will help you setup this training session.

    General Training
    For general training, you can access to our help center located in main navigation panel of your software screen.  The help center also includes instructional videos on topics like adding photos & floor plans, editing or deleting data, creating surveys, and sharing reports.

    Phone Support
    We are also available to answer your software questions by calling 866-491-7500.

    Software Issues
    If you need to report a software issue, use the report a problem link at the bottom of your software screen.

  • How Do I Keep Track of the Content I Have Updated?

    Market Insights has a wonderful virtual assistant that keeps track of all the items you have updated in your survey.  It will also remind you to complete missing data and alert you when a survey is due.

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