Spherexx Receives Dual Honors for National Best Places to Work Multifamily


Spherexx Ranks #5 in the Multifamily Vendors/Suppliers Category and # 4 in the Women’s Inclusivity Category at the Multifamily Innovation® Summit Awards for the Best Places to Work Multifamily®


Multifamily Leadership has awarded its National Best Places to Work Multifamily® awards since 2016. Judging criteria is rigorous based on high levels of employee participation and positive response rates from internal surveys that reflects a transparent and comprehensive view of the companies’ levels of employee engagement and satisfaction with their employer.



Past Awards

Spherexx has been a multifamily data science, advertising, marketing, and technology leader since 2000. It was awarded the International Webby Award for Real Estate Website in 2024, Owner and CEO was proclaimed the International Stevie Awards’ Woman of the Year Technology – Business Services and Financial Services for development of Optimize Revenue Management, the first AI neural network-based revenue management in the multifamily industry since 2013. Discover more about Spherexx’s servant leader company culture at www.spherexx.com/about  and the company’s other achievements.



Multifamily Innovation® Summit Awards

This prestigious recognition was unveiled at the Multifamily Innovation® Summit in Phoenix, AZ, held on December 5-6, 2023. The event not only served as a celebration of achievement but also provided a valuable platform for industry leaders to engage in the Multifamily Innovation® Showcase, fostering connections and sharing insights with fellow multifamily executives.



Exceptional Employee Satisfaction

Survey responses from Spherexx employees reflects the vitality of the company’s core structure very well!  We have exceptional employee satisfaction at Spherexx.

Job Satisfaction: 98% of employees are very satisfied, a testament to Spherexx's commitment to a fulfilling workplace.

Recommendation Rate: 95% would recommend Spherexx's services, showcasing trust and confidence.

Long-Term Commitment: 95% plan to continue their career journey with Spherexx, illustrating loyalty and fulfillment.

Leadership Support: 98% believe Spherexx's leadership actively encourages professional development.

Recognition and Respect: 98% agree leadership acknowledges their exemplary work and treats them with utmost respect.

Fair and Secure Work Environment: 100% believe they are treated fairly and feel secure in their positions at Spherexx.

Transparent Communication: 98% trust the information provided by Spherexx, fostering transparency.

Personalized Approach: 95% feel they are treated like a person, not a number, emphasizing a personalized and caring approach.




Insights from Spherexx Employees:

"Our products, fueled by cutting-edge tech, transform the real estate industry, offering an exciting journey into the future."

"Teamwork defines our culture, making every project a thrilling collective effort, alongside talented colleagues who share a passion for innovation."

"Our benefits package allows for a healthy personal life with a huge focus on work life balance."

"Spherexx values diversity and inclusion, fostering a welcoming atmosphere where every voice is celebrated, enriching our work environment."

"Our leadership team, with guidance and mentorship, empowers us to reach our full potential in a collaborative, inclusive, and visionary culture."

"Working for a company that treats us like individuals, cares about our well-being beyond our roles, and provides excellent benefits creates a wonderful environment."

"Excellent work environment, quality benefits, personable vibe, financial rewards, and product integrity."




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