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Rent Manager + Spherexx

Big things happen when you pair Spherexx & Rent Manager! Explore details of our service platform below or learn more by texting/calling our Rent Manager hotline at 918.899.7500.

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Trusted Rent Manager Partner Since 2015

Spherexx is proud to work with Rent Manager to maximize your productivity.

The seamless bi-directional integration we've created allows us to both pull and push data into Rent Manager automatically. 

Our revenue management software syncs with Rent Manager every 6 hours while our CRM and other software products sync nearly in real time!

You can activate your the Spherexx integration in minutes by turning it on inside Rent Manager! 

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I Love Leasing® 

Spherexx ILoveLeasing® streamlines the lead management process helping your team convert leads to leases more effectively.  With this software you can organize leads into a single easy-to-use dashboard where each lead is prioritized, tracked, analyzed and followed up.


  • NEW: 2 to 6 Hours Per Day Saved with Our AI-driven Virtual Agent
  • NEW: Most Phone Calls Handled by AI With Call Transcription & Call Scoring
  • Advertising Expense Optimization with Our Performance Metrics
  • Automatically Merge Duplicate Guest Cards so Boxscore is Clean
  • Drip Automation Working Leads for Missing Data
  • Source Attribution Management Through Entire Customer Journey
  • Centralized Leasing with Roll-up and Unroll Details
  • Bi-directional Rent Manager Integration – Updates Every Hour

ILoveLeasing® analytics include team and personal performance, advertising source performance, and best spend analysis. Optional integrated tools include call tracking, advertising automation, broadcast email and text, dynamic number insert (DNI) for detailed lead attribution, and chat integration.

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Introducing the NEW ILoveLeasing® AI Digital Agent

Spherexx has added ChatGPT allowing our AI Digital Agent to greet prospects, answer specific leasing questions, and schedule tours in conjunction with drip automation. It's fully transparent with manual controls allowing human agents to intercept communications at any point to connect with prospects.


  • Engages Prospective Residents & Creates Guest Cards
  • Responds to First Contact Email & Text Messages
  • Conducts Human Like Conversations with Back-and-Forth Dialogue by Email & Text
  • Transcribes Both Answered & Unanswered Phone Calls
  • Converts Voicemails & Phone Calls into Guest Cards with a First-Person Call Summary of the Prospect’s Interest
  • Scores Team Performance on New Lead Phone Calls
  • Trains ChatGPT to Create a Sense of Urgency & Move the Prospect Down the Leasing Funnel to Tour, Apply and Lease
  • Keeps a Running Total of the Working Hours that AI & Automation have saved the Leasing Team


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Double Your Productivity with Optimize

Spherexx Optimize uses algorithmic predictive analysis to stabilize your asset at peak performance. This program learns as it performs and adapts to asset specific anomalies.


  • Faster Decision Making with Our Bi Dashboard + Real Time Metrics
  • Market Survey Data Gathered on Your Comps by Spherexx
  • Accelerate Recovery of Vacancy Loss Faster with Science
  • Fast-track Renewing with Spherexx Bulk Renewal Engine
  • Leverage Amenity-based Pricing with Spherexx Recommendations
  • Meet Proforma Goals with Spherexx Rent Optimization Algorithm
  • Centralized Leasing with Roll-up and Unroll Details
  • Bi-directional Rent Manager Integration – Updates Every 6 Hours

Spherexx Optimize has produced outstanding revenue growth in multiple markets. Transparent reporting is available on demand to give you confidence in all your business decisions.

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Market Insights Competitor Surveys

Keep market data intelligence current and accessible with Spherexx Market Insights. This self-calculating software streamlines and automatically collects historical market data.

Market Insights provides key economic indicators. 


Snapshot, our 100% automated option, curates published competitor pricing and includes a live comp analytics report (subject to availability). Marketing teams no longer have to gather data or intel, Spherexx Snapshot delivers vital information, saving time for better study, analysis, and customer service.

Due Diligence is ideal for acquisition and disposition research. It includes 10 competitor surveys per month.

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Ad Automation & Listing Booster


Spherexx Ad Automation lets you synchronize 80+ online advertising sources like and to conveniently manage floor plans, photo galleries, pricing and lease terms all in a centralized dashboard. In addition, you can  promote specials, set up calls to action and feature individual units in supported ad platforms.

According to a recent case study, Ad Automation managed listings convert 3 times more leads to leases than manually managed listings.

Ad Automation integrates with Rent Manager through its interface with I Love Leasing CRM+.   


More About Ad Automation

Website Development


Spherexx has been developing apartment websites for multifamily clients across the US for over 20 years. Our websites combine beautiful and engaging design with an optimal browsing experience across devices to give you a top performing website with measurable results. 

Take control of the full website experience with our content management system.
Use our inline editor to create content and make changes on demand.

We also offer ADA compliance options for ensuring your website meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) established by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C).


More About Our Websites

Search Engine Optimization


Search Engines like Google reward efficient, keyword rich websites with better rankings. Our SEO specialists work with you to increase qualified traffic through competitive analysis, trending search terms, and targeted keywords.

We provide transparency through real-time reporting so you can track and measure results at any time.  As your campaign strategy develops over time, we re-evaluate and adjust on-page and off-page SEO to make sure you maintain your competitive ranking.


More About Search Engine Optimization

Pay-Per-Click & Retargeting Ads


Target more qualified leads with skillfully designed pay-per-click campaigns that drive users to content rich landing pages. We focus on quality over volume making sure you maximize your return and increase lease conversion.

Bring undecided visitors back to your site through static or dynamic retargeting ads. Segment your prospects based on past interactions, time delay models and more.


More About Pay Per Click

Touchscreen Kiosks


Our customized, high-resolution kiosks let visitors tour at their own pace right from the leasing office.  We offer a variety of display sizes to fit your budget and design interfaces with ADA visitors in mind.

Showcase your community with high-definition photo and video galleries, let visitors search floorplans with access to live pricing and availability, and highlight the neighborhood with an integrated point of interest map.

Our kiosks are fully turnkey - we design, build, integrate your 3rd party software, and complete the install so it's ready to go when you need it. 


More About Our Kiosks

Leasing Book


Your most powerful leasing tools are just a tap away with the Leasing Book tablet app. Automatically acquire guest card data with the driver’s license and passport scan.  Use the amenity based search capability to pair prospects with the unit that best meets their needs. Send floor plan information and property photos instantly by text or email. 

It's perfect for new construction lease-up when agents may not be able to take visitors on a physical property tour.

Leasing Book pairs with the I Love Leasing CRM+ software platform which integrates directly with Rent Manager.


More About Leasing Book

Spherexx Commission Tracking


This versatile software automates your incentive and commission management systems. It can calculate advanced bonus and commission structures including individual or group occupancy, operations, leasing and renewals, and point achievement goals.

Supervisors can easily set multiple bonuses and custom goals. Ongoing performance totals are displayed on a personal dashboard so employees are always aware of payment status and their current performance summary.


More About Commission Tracking

You Are Our Focus!

Spherexx is a privately held company with no outside investors or venture capital. This means we can put our focus on you! We are debt free and committed to our long-term client relationships.

Clients stay with Spherexx because we can seamlessly connect data across multiple silos and synchronize that data to maximize our client’s daily decision making. Our advertising agency and software development services work in tandem to deliver solutions that set you apart!

Call or Text our Rent Manager hotline at 918.899.7500 for more information. 

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