Commission Tracking

Automatically calculate and track employee rewards with our flexible software solution.

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Motivate Employees

Spherexx Commission Tracking is a powerful and flexible software solutions that automates your incentive and commission management systems. It automatically calculates, reports, and tracks commissions, bonuses, and other rewards while reducing errors and motivating your staff to perform at their best.

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Simple &

Commission Tracking seamlessly integrates with your property management software and payroll systems to eliminate duplicate payments and other accounting errors.  It automatically updates leasing activity and employee status changes.

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Versatile Computations

Commission Tracking can structure simple and complex rewards programs based on both individual role and team achievements.

· Direct Commission
· Occupancy
· Maintenance Performance
· Collections
· Premiums on Designated Units
· Number of Move-ins or Leases
· Delinquencies
· Role Overrides
· Lease Rates and Premium Rates
· Percentage of Lease
· Maintenance Based Leasing Performance
· Percent of Property or Value Increases
· Add Perks to Existing Goals Ad Hoc


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Robust Reporting

Corporate users can gain deep insight into performance and commission spending with detailed, real time reporting and analytics.


Personalized Dashboards

Staff members can easily access their dashboard anywhere, anytime to stay informed and see their income potential.


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For The Industry

Designed to work with the complex and unique commission structures in the multifamily industry.

Limited Time Options

Set temporary bonus incentives to encourage leasing agents to get hard-to-lease units occupied.

Seamless Integration

Integrated with human resources software so calculations, approvals and disbursements are accomplished in one seamless workflow.

Success Stories

I have said, I don't know how Spherexx does it, but it's as if we are the only client that they have. That means a lot to me in my role, but it also means a lot to our on-site folks, it's not just me they answer the phone for, or answer an email for.

John Sons
Director of Training and Marketing Strategies - Burlington Capital Properties

Simple Pricing

Choose the plan that’s right for your business. Whether you have a small business or a large one, we’ve got you covered.


$.20 / per unit per month

$200 one-time setup fee per property.

12 Month Contract

$.10 / per unit per month

$200 one-time setup fee per property.
Setup fee can be split over the 12-month contract.

  • $10 Per Property/Month Required for Payroll Processor Integration
  • $10 Per Property/Month Required for Accounting Program Integration
  • $30 Per Property/Month Required for RealPage Integration
  • Integration Fees Waived for CRM+ Users
  • $100 Per Hour Re-Training Fee

Power Up with Add-Ons

Commission Tracking is even better with these additional revenue boosting options.

  • Market Insights

    Optimize income and make informed decisions with on-demand pricing intelligence. Read More

    What Makes Market Insights Unique?

    1. Market research available by segment, 10.6 million units across 70+ metropolitan areas
    2. Choose from three methods of acquiring market intelligence
    3. Unlimited reporting features and on-demand configurations
  • Optimize

    Increase revenue, set optimal pricing & forecast opportunities with a data-driven revenue management solution. Read More

    What Makes Optimize Unique?

    1. Mobile design gives you access anytime and anywhere you need it
    2. Available for any portfolio size and type including lease-up projects
    3. Machine learning identifies patterns and adapts to the changes of the multifamily pricing environment

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