Proven Strategy to Double or Triple Your Leasing Conversions VIRTUALLY!

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Retail Stores Have Proven Virtual Sales Can Double or Triple! The Multifamily Industry Should Be Doing the Same and Here's How:

These well recognized retail brands were quick to focus marketing energy to online advertising and customer service while their brick and mortar locations were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Wow, did it work! Not only did online sales soar, overall revenue made historic gains.

The trend to online shopping and sales is more appealing to many purchasers because of sophisticated virtual selling tools that save time and allow for informed decision-making with minimal human interaction.

The multifamily industry can ride this online buying wave the public has eagerly adopted during the pandemic, but not without building strategic digital presentations with an integrated workflow that is focused on your apartment shoppers needs.

Are you equipped to convert enough leases with just physical touring when vacancies climb in the 3rd and 4th quarter with the onslaught of evictions, and possible COVID spikes?

Our Virtual Lead to Lease Strategy

Spherexx has a step-by-step virtual leasing strategy to help you safely track, tour, and lease! Each of the options below are available a la carte or bundled for your convenience.

Step 1: Create/Optimize Videos and Landing Pages for Conversion

Videos are a great marketing tool that can be sent and converted even when in-person physical tours are not possible.  Agents can easily use their phone to shoot videos of each unit type.

We can optimize pre-recorded videos to enhance the presentation and bring them up to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards.




How do you know who has watched the video?  What happens once the viewer completes the video? 

Convert video traffic with a landing page that provides viewers with clear calls to action. 


Step 2:  Expand and Track Virtual Touring Options

Whether doors are closed due to pandemic, or staff is short because of unexpected quarantine, or hurricanes are underway, your staff is empowered to schedule virtual tours and convert scheduled tours to virtual or pre-recorded video tours on short order.

  • Take advantage of ALL virtual touring options including Facebook, Facetime, Google Duo, Zoom, etc.
  • Track virtual agent success using Spherexx ILoveLeasing CRM+ tools to remind, follow-up and reschedule no-shows.
  • Track onsite self-touring system or vendor in place, i.e., Rently, etc.



Step 3:  Use Spherexx ILoveLeasing CRM+ Reporting to Find Opportunities for Better Scheduling

Use the Missed Appointments report to see the dates and times most appointments are missed. This report detail can trigger better scheduling, review of why appointments are missed, and the best times to send follow-up reminders of tour commitments.

Missed Appointments Report



See how effective your strategy is with the Tours and Leases Report.  Even during the pandemic the virtual tour to lease percentages show the benefit of a planned tour to lease strategy.


Tours and Leases Report


Step 4:  Optimize Your Property Website for Scheduling and Tracking Tours

  • Optimize your website or design a new website with ADA compliance and touring invites
  • Initiate call tracking to follow leads with “Dynamic Number Insert” (DNI) into property website
  • Add a self-scheduling website widget to your property website
  • Add a chatbot or agent managed chat to your property website
  • Add texting options to request a tour
  • Add live pricing and availability to give web visitors vital information to schedule a tour
  • Add revenue management pricing and quoting to give website visitors options and confidence to schedule a visit


Step 5:  Include Tour Conversion Links on Google and Social Media

  • Add a dynamic schedule a tour link to Google my Business
  • Add a dynamic schedule a tour link to your Facebook and Marketplace listings
  • Add a dynamic schedule a tour link to Craigslist Posts
  • Add texting options to request a time to tour




Step 6:  Text a Tour Survey to Every Prospect Immediately After Touring with Spherexx ILoveLeasing CRM+


Step 7:  Drive Leads to Your Existing Rental Application or Use Our Digital Rental Application with E-Signature

Step 8:  Target Tour Conversion in Advertising Campaigns



Step 9:  Keep Track of All Your Steps through the Spherexx I Love Leasing CRM+ Dashboard

Step 10:  Use Spherexx Document Management to digitize your existing lease documents

Our document management system provides a centralized digital platform for your lease documents plus electronic signature and custom integrations available for data storage of executed documents.

What is Your Current Virtual Strategy?

Do you currently have virtual strategy in place, is it the best it can be? Are you getting twice or triple your online lease volume?  Do you know where your advertising dollars are best spent?  If you need help with a lead to lease virtual leasing strategy, then call 866.491.7500 or email today!







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