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ResMan + Spherexx

Create a seamless workflow when you pair Rent Manager and Spherexx. Explore details below or call our Resman hotline at 918.899.7500.

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Trusted Resman Partner Since 2013

Spherexx is proud to have been a Resman partner since the VERY beginning.  We were the first revenue management and CRM integration built inside Resman!

Our integration is bi-directional which means we seamlessly pull and push data into Resman three times per day for revenue management and virtually in real time for CRM and other software products.

The best part?  It takes just minutes to activate the integration by turning it on inside Resman! 

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I Love Leasing® CRM Now with AI

Our award-winning lead management software helps your team create swift, personalized responses to every email, phone, and text lead.

ILoveLeasing® uses a combination of human leasing agents, AI, and drip automation to help your team double lead to lease conversion.


✔ NEW: Save Up to 6 Hours Per Day with the AI Digital Agent

✔ NEW: Let AI to Handle Call Transcription & Scoring

✔ NEW: Let AI Create Guest Cards Based on Summary of Transcribed Calls

✔ NEW: Let AI Initiate Interaction with First Contact Email/Text

✔ NEW: Let AI Create Personalized Back & Forth Conversations

✔ Duplicate Guest Cards are Automatically Merged

✔ Detailed Performance Metrics to Help Monitor Ad Expenses

✔ Source Attribution Management Through Entire Customer Journey

✔ Centralized Leasing with Roll-up and Unroll Details

✔ Use Drip Automation and AI for Immediate Response When Agents are Busy

✔ Optional Call Tracking, DNI, Email/SMS broadcasting, Ad Syndication


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Optimize Revenue and Asset Management

Spherexx Optimize, launched in 2013, automates your pricing strategy and enhances income stability and growth.  It leverages the power of an AI-powered neural network to collect, process, and analyze internal property data along with external market conditions.


✔ Bi-Dashboard

✔ Real-time Data for Faster Decision Making

✔ Boosts Property and Portfolio Valuation

✔ Includes Market Survey Data

✔ Accelerates Recovery of Vacancy Lossed

✔ Bulk Renewal Engine Assists with Fast Tracking Renewals

✔ Leverage Amenity-Based Pricing

✔ Centralized Leasing with Roll-Up & Unroll Details

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Market Insights Competitor Surveys

Stay ahead of the curve with Spherexx Market Insights, your go-to solution for accessing the most up-to-date market intelligence and essential economic indicators.

Our innovative self-calculating software seamlessly gathers historical market data, empowering you to effortlessly analyze trends and strategically position yourself within your market. With Spherexx Market Insights, gaining a competitive edge has never been easier.


✔ Snapshot Plan is a 100% automated option that curates published competitor pricing and includes a live comp analytics report (subject to availability).

✔ Due Diligence Plan is ideal for acquisition and disposition research. It allows you to create up to 10 competitor surveys per month.

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Ad Syndication & Listing Booster

Discover the power of Spherexx Ad Automation, your all-in-one solution for synchronizing over 80 online advertising sources, ranging from industry giants like and Zillow to niche local listing providers.

With Spherexx Ad Automation, streamline your management process through a unified dashboard and repository. Easily control your floor plans, photos, pricing, specials, and more, all from one centralized platform. Plus, on supported ad platforms, showcase individual units with tailored calls to action, maximizing your reach and engagement.

And the results speak for themselves: Recent case studies reveal that listings managed with Ad Automation yield a remarkable 3x increase in lead-to-lease conversions compared to manual management methods. Unlock the potential of automated advertising and watch your leasing success soar.


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Multifamily Custom and Template Websites

Spherexx has been at the forefront of the multifamily industry for over 20 years developing visually stunning apartment websites for clients nationwide.

We are experts in crafting visually stunning designs that ensure your website stands out and outperforms competitors.

Using our proprietary CMS with inline editor, you can effortlessly manage and update your website content.

Be sure to ask about an ADA compliance quote!


More About Websites

Increase Visibility & Ranking with SEO

Rev up your search engine optimization (SEO) with Spherexx. Elevate your online presence and earn coveted rankings on search engines like Google by harnessing the expertise of our dedicated SEO specialists. Together, we'll enhance your website's efficiency and infuse it with keyword-rich content, driving qualified traffic to your digital doorstep through meticulous competitive analysis, trending search term identification, and strategic keyword targeting.

Experience unparalleled transparency with our real-time reporting tools, allowing you to monitor and measure campaign performance at your convenience. As your SEO strategy evolves, we remain proactive, continuously reassessing and fine-tuning both on-page and off-page SEO tactics to ensure you maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape. With Spherexx, your online success is our priority.

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Drive More Traffic with Pay-Per-Click & Retargeting

Ramp up your lead generation efforts with expertly crafted pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns designed to attract highly qualified prospects to content-rich landing pages. At Spherexx, we prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring that every click counts towards maximizing your return on investment and boosting lease conversions.

Re-engage indecisive visitors and nudge them towards conversion with our dynamic retargeting ads. Seamlessly segment your audience based on past interactions, leverage time delay models, and more to deliver targeted messaging that resonates with each prospect's unique journey. With Spherexx, turn window shoppers into loyal residents with precision and finesse.


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Create An Interactive Experience with Touchscreen Kiosks

Elevate your community's appeal with our cutting-edge, customizable kiosks, designed to immerse visitors in your property's charm at their own pace.

Choose from a range of display sizes tailored to your budget, all crafted with accessibility in mind to ensure every visitor feels welcome. Our high-definition photo and video galleries offer a stunning showcase of your community's best features, while seamless floor plan searches provide access to live pricing and availability, empowering visitors to envision their future home effortlessly.

But we don't stop there. Our integrated point of interest map shines a spotlight on the neighborhood's amenities, enhancing the overall experience.

With our turnkey solution, we handle everything from design and construction to software integration and installation, ensuring your kiosk is ready to impress the moment you need it. Elevate your leasing office today with our innovative kiosk solution.

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