Success Stories

  • Alexandra Allie
    Regional Director - Inspired Senior Healthcare

    Managing so many advertising sources and instantly seeing real-time conversion gives me confidence in spending our marketing dollars wisely. Our lead volume doubled between November 2020 and November 2021 and our leases quadrupled. That's a 300% increase in lease transactions. For six months between June-Nov20 and June-Nov21, our leads increased 21% and leases 84% and tours almost tripled.

  • Alexis Lorenzen
    Report Analyst - AMLI Residential

    AMLI Residential has used Spherexx's Market Insights for almost 5 years due to its user friendly interface and support, allowing our properties to track comps efficiently and take advantage of their many reporting options. Our account representative and their team are extremely helpful and always available to assist with any questions, which allows us to focus on the data.

  • Aliea M.
    Leasing Agent - Review Provided By Capterra

    "I Love Leasing is amazing!"

    Pros: I Love Leasing helps in so many ways. I am able to get leads when we have a slow week. I can also look at reports and see what days we have more traffic at our property. I can see what time of day we get more traffic as well and that helps me determine when to stay in the office and not take a lunch or what my off days should be.

    Cons: I do not like the new update where when we came a call lead we can only put in the name. We have the option to put in notes but it doesn't transfer over into Yardi like it use to. They may be something our company has to suggest but I'm not sure.

  • Andrea Mignone
    Director, Marketing - Rose Associates

    We were in the middle of peak leasing season and we needed new signage FAST. We immediately thought of Spherexx who we rely on for our corporate web design and customer relationship software. Although we had never used them for signage we trusted their expertise and they didn't disappoint. They took on our task of designing the creative for nine retail windows and offered creative insight as the project progressed. It is such a comfort to have a partner on our team with such a vast platform of services.

  • Antoinette B.
    Property Manager - Review Provided By Capterra

    "LOVE "

    Pros: It is very easy to operate and the webpage looks inviting. I like being able to see what my staff is doing and being able to listen to their phone calls without them knowing. I really like you can edit a callers info while on the phone with them.Love that we can look at our availability from their page instead of having to use both programs.

    Cons: I dislike that when a user leaves, all their leads even the inactive come back up to be reclaimed. I wish there were more reason for inactive options.

  • Arthur Kosmider
    Marketing Director - LeFrak

    It's extremely hard to find reliable partners that will go above and beyond for you! Everybody can build your website. However, finding a partner that is willing to get fully involved in creating custom solutions for you is very hard. I feel like they are almost an extension of my team. Developing a relationship like that makes my job easier and my marketing efforts efficient. I would highly recommend working with Spherexx!

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  • Autumn Sorrow
    Director Asset Management - Abacus Capital Group LLC

    What I love about working with Spherexx is that they execute on the plans we outline and make everything easy for me. Spherexx delivers performance advertising. Spherexx provides more than we could imagine.

  • Becky O.
    Regional Manager - Review Provided By Capterra

    "I love the reports and ease of use!"

    Overall: I love the reports, and am able to see how well we are managing our leads.

    Pros: The reports are great - I can easily identify issues with specific personnel to ensure training is provided early on. They also have a great report to show the best staff across the portfolio which makes everyone compete to win for the month!

    Cons: I don't like that when an unqualified/inaccurate lead comes in, you must log a "phone call" and add notes that it is a false lead. If you do not, it will include the lead with those that are not contacted, reducing your true contact rate.

  • Brian Miller
    Director of Marketing - Berger Rental Communities

    Our partnership with Spherexx has been outstanding. The ILoveLeasing tool and services their organization provides are an integral part of our workflow. As we faced challenges with the changing environment of 2020, their team stepped up to provide immediate solutions. They instantly adapted to various methods of touring, giving us the freedom to choose the options we support. It has been incredibly helpful to not only have the tools to shift with the market, but to know which strategies are working best.

  • Cherlisa R.
    Assistant Manager - Review Provided By Capterra

    "I use this program every day!"

    Pros: I like that it can export leasing leads. It is fairly ease to use. I don't know all the ends and outs of the program, but it is helpful for what I use it for.

    Cons: It doesn't always record the calls. Sometimes new leads are imported from Yardi, however, it comes through as a new lead versus attaching all the related information with it so you have to type out the information twice.

  • Chris Garcia
    Marketing Manager - CAF Management

    The Spherexx team listened to our needs and developed a secure web-based software solution that provides the functionality and scalability we were looking for. The back end Content Management System (CMS) gives us the flexibility to post corporate and/or property level announcements, change internal graphic and video content, and the ability to add/remove users. The employee facing design is sleek and contemporary and keeps us fully engaged with our team.

  • Chris Schutte
    President - Process Service & Manufacturing

    Spherexx has done an incredible job keeping up with and showcasing our fast-paced growth. They designed a custom website that accurately depicts our brand, capabilities, and services with drone video, as well as greatly expanded our online presence with search engine optimization. Spherexx has consistently delivered with innovative technology to handle the challenges that are unique to our business. We are truly excited to be working with their team and expect nothing less than a great future together.

  • Clint Miller
    VP of Operations, Multifamily Management - Franklin Street

    I heard some great feedback from our management team from our launch of Spherexx Market Insights survey software. It is extremely easy to use, the report graphs are attractive and easy to follow, we can quickly study the comparisons between us and our competitors without further analytics and everyone appreciates the streamlined format so there is very little training required. We like that one dashboard views and analyzes surveys for all locations and that there is standardized and consistent reporting for owners. The trend reporting and outliers' identity features are a favorite. It's so easy to update, reproduce pricing if there are no changes, provide alerts, and finalize into a cool, official report.

    Spherexx Market Insights is an amazing tool for the multi-family industry. Not only does it save time, but it improves data accuracy to keep up with this highly competitive market that we are currently in. With this tool we can analyze and organize our pricing to keep it relevant to our competitors.

  • Corey Lanzara
    Property Manager - The Kamson Corporation

    I have been working in this industry for over twenty years and I have used all of the different programs out there and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ILoveLeasing the most!

  • Dan Pasque
    President - Armada Distributing

    Spherexx put us on the map when we launched our software. From that day forward, we have gone straight up in sales and become a real presence in the wholesale liquor distribution industry. Our customers are delighted with the ease we have provided in ordering and the reference data we maintain. One of the biggest wins is the ability to take Spherexx an issue or request and have it addressed very quickly. That is not the way it is with national route accounting software companies. We are looking forward to continuing growth and you can bet Spherexx will be at our side.

  • Daniel Mitchell
    Director of Operations - Carter Numismatics

    The work Spherexx accomplished for our custom programming project had been deemed impossible for a company that did not specialize in coins. The submission forms, the Alias System, label printing, and all that followed was no easy task. I heard over and over every time we brought a new system that it simply could not be done. Well, you all did do it, and it is extremely impressive.

  • Diana M.
    Leasing Agent - Review Provided By Capterra

    "Love this program!"

    Pros: It is one of the best organization tools. It shows me all of my emails I have sent to the customer and shows me the last time I contacted them which helps me a lot in what I do. You can also make preset emails to send which is really handy.

    Cons: I haven't had many issues at all. Just a few glitches here and there. Nothing to complain about because it keeps me sane.

  • Dr. Abbey Krienke
    Owner - Prairie Dental

    I started my business website with Spherexx in 2017. They were easy to work with for building the brand/image I wanted to convey to my clients. The team at Spherexx has provided excellent customer service, especially when a recent 3rd party issue developed with a payment processing company. I wish every company I worked with provided this level of customer service. 5 Stars!

  • Emily S.
    Regional Manager - Review Provided By Capterra

    "Extremely helpful to my team"

    Pros: The reporting tools, user friendly web page, tracking tools, support staff, visibility to on site staff

  • Frankie Ripley
    Sales Administrator - Lewis Management Corp.

    I love using Spherexx Commission Tracking! The software is easy to use and has been an incredible help with tracking our communities' commissions and giving our community first-hand visibility and responsibility for their commissions. The ACT Team is incredible! They are always there to help, all the while training us on troubleshooting for future needs. Thank you, Spherexx Commission Tracking Team!

  • G.N.
    Executive Assistant - Review Provided By Capterra

    "ILoveLeasing is one of the best programs for leasing sales and prospect tracking!"

    Pros: The pre-made list of contact responses for all different types of prospects is amazing. They have templates that are specific to the needs of clients making follow up a breeze.

    Cons: I really have no cons for this software. I have used many other programs in the course of 15 years and ILoveLeasing was one of the most beneficial to my properties.

  • Gary Perkins
    Principal - Maxum Development

    We get most of our leads from the website that Spherexx has developed for us. Spherexx has helped our company meet our income goals because they are very cost effective and they get things done. They are very efficient and thorough. Not a stone is left unturned when they are developing the website and marketing for our company. They are very focused on measurable results, which is a big difference from what most people produce today.

  • Jacque H.
    Manager - Review Provided By Capterra

    "Super Easy to Claim Leads!"

    Pros: Our office was having issues entering all our leads (phone & email). This program has made lead tracking 10 times better! I really love it auto responds to email leads and it has many options for email replies.

    Cons: There was a new upgrade when listening to calls (after the call) that I do not care for. You are not able to add notes if you select that you were listening to the call instead of in the call.

  • Jeremy S. Brown
    Partner/Vice President - ZRS Management, LLC

    Spherexx knows how to reflect our brand. Their thoughtful and intelligent design mirrors our quality and commitment. Nobody does it better than Spherexx.

  • John S.
    Director of Training and Marketing Strategies - Review Provided By Capterra

    "Both the customer service and ILoveLeasing are simply INCREDIBLE!"

    Overall: The reporting and ability to follow-up.

    Pros: EVERYTHING! From the reports, to the lead tracking options to the follow-up tool. This system offers SO MUCH!

    Cons: What's not to like? There is so much information available. The hardest thing is learning everything that is available. But, the great team offers incredible training and they are always available to assist.

  • John Sons
    Director of Training & Marketing Strategies - Burlington Capital Properties

    I have said, I don't know how Spherexx does it, but it's as if we are the only client that they have. That means a lot to me in my role, but it also means a lot to our on-site folks, it's not just me they answer the phone for, or answer an email for. If someone on site needs help, it's like we are the only client.

  • Jonathan Holtzman
    CEO - City Club Apartments

    Spherexx has built City Club the best apartment website. It shows the customer what it is like to live at one of our communities. Spherexx has made us the first in the industry to launch a 'Build Your Living Space' module. I am delighted to have found a business counterpart in Spherexx with its roots in property management. This imparts great insight into providing optimal customer service, which is City Club's infinite goal.

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  • Kari Fredrick
    Director of Marketing - OneStreet Residential

    I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how well I Love Leasing has been working for us on our lease-ups and what a game changer it has been for our site leasing team. I am so glad I was able to convince ownership to invest in Lead Management on all new communities moving forward. Your team is fantastic to work with and super responsive.

  • Katrina A.
    Regional Manager - Review Provided By Capterra

    "Site is easy to use and understand!"

    Pros: Software is very user friendly. Reports are sent weekly directly to my email. Customized reports can be done quickly for any of my sites. I would recommend this site to anyone. Easy set up and easy to use.

    Cons: Only Con is that sometimes the connection to One Site does not seem to work well. I had no issues when on Yardi.

  • Lisa Gunderson
    VP of Asset Management - Bristol Development Group

    When developing the building and the website, we did both in mind of filling the building before it was opened. Vista Brooklyn leased 173 units in 5 months, achieving pre-leased percentage of 56%. The third quarter click-through rate was 8.15%, with an average mobile device click-through of up to 15%.

  • Marianne G. Conner
    Marketing Director - FCI Residential

    I have used Spherexx since 2015, when I was with The Related Group and made sure that they became our CRM and website provider when I moved to FCI Residential where I partner with them for search engine work and interactive site plans as well. They have increased my organic new user traffic year-over-year with an over 50% improvement over the last 4 years! My websites with Spherexx continue to be my number one lead generator at the lowest cost per lead and lease! I can always rely on my team at Spherexx to provide outstanding customer service and work with me to customize my websites and deliver products to meet my needs for actionable data for goal setting and to stabilize my communities!

  • Melissa M. Zaleski
    Director of Operations - Paradise Management, LLC

    We've used I Love Leasing for the last four years and it has substantially improved our prospect follow-up and leasing opportunities. I no longer rely on the honor system when reviewing leasing activities with our onsite teams, I already have all the facts I need to discuss our upcoming marketing plans. Our Rent Manager integration saves us so much time, there is no double entry required and we have great reporting. We can also broadcast email or text and track calls and sources with the optional add-ons.

  • Melissa Whirledge
    Director of Marketing - Walton Communities

    We have been so pleased with the level of service, attention to detail and the overall support that the Spherexx team has provided to us. The installation of our kiosk was a really simple process.

    Our favorite feature is the site plan which features live pricing & availability. Particularly on a lease-up, prospects often see there is large of availability and feel they have plenty of time to make a decision. Spherexx has a filter that allows us to control what availability we want to show.

    This has been a great partnership for us!

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  • Meredith Glass
    Project Coordinator - Dodson Property Management

    Commission Tracking has totally evolved the way we conduct our incentive programs. We were able to set up hub communities for shared structures. The onsite staff loves how they can easily review and claim their leases. Managers love how simply they can approve reward payments. Supervisors and administrators can review payouts on multiple levels: date range, property or portfolio totals, or by individual employees. Employees always know where they stand on incentives through their private portal. It's a gem!

  • Michael J. Houston
    Sales Manager - Weamco

    Folks, we love the new website and appreciate all the hard work that went into making this happen. We are getting lots of good responses already.

  • Michael Witmondt
    Director of Marketing & Leasing - Woodmont Properties

    I'm continually impressed with the traffic results we receive that show our Spherexx developed website is the leading source of our traffic. Their search optimization expertise is really paying off for us. I am glad and confident to know I have a service that can generate traffic through so many different channels and marketing methods.

  • Nicole Schook
    Operations Manager - Eagle Rock Management

    We were the first company to launch the ILoveLeasing and Rent Manager integration in 2018 and the system has improved our prospecting efforts ever since. From advertising performance, lead volume statistics, and cost per lead/lease, our efforts are clearly identifiable. It is comforting to know that all our leads are accounted for in one central module, which makes it easy for tracking and resident conversion. Overall, the ILoveLeasing solution for us is very valuable and the team at Spherexx provides continued assistance and custom reporting, if needed, so we can continue to better our prospecting efforts.

  • Rachel Johnson
    Property Manager - Aura 33 Hundred

    Leasing Book has been so amazing! It's helped us capture 75% of our leases this month. It finds what that prospect's needs are right down to picking out the specific apartment for them. What is really great about Leasing Book is that it starts from the very beginning, you are able to grab your iPad with ease, you don't have to close any of your other screens out and you can start entering information.

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  • Rolanda Charles
    Regional Marketing & Sales Director - Campus Living Villages

    There are so many things to love about ILoveLeasing. I love that I get responses from our account manager the same day. I love how they respond with detailed explanations and screenshots! I love how information is always consistent when we talk with any Spherexx team member. Our onsite team doesn't have to be concerned about lead duplication or transferring leads to sister communities; and the program queues up "next steps" automatically to keep follow-up on track. Then there is the intense data analytics that helps me make the best advertising investments. I love ILoveLeasing.

  • Sandra Hughes
    Office Manager - Pipetech, Inc.

    Spherexx built our custom inventory management system last year. The program is intuitive and easy to use. They were great to work with from beginning to end! I would highly recommend Spherexx for any of your software programming projects.

  • Sarah Everhart
    Vice President - Mainsail Corporate Housing

    We encountered some vacancy challenges in our Miami, FL region and asked Spherexx to focus a special pay per click campaign in that direction. Spherexx made it easy to adapt our marketing plan and delivered fast, outstanding lead generation. Conversions gained 48% and click-throughs improved by 153%.

  • Scott Wilder
    Senior Vice President - Lincoln Property Company

    Spherexx Market Insights augments our management expertise on so many levels. The level of detail and aesthetics it produces is frankly amazing - talk about leverage. On a corporate level, team leaders can access multi-faceted marketing data in moments, view trends, sort information at will, view update performance, and share survey data instantly. It is also a powerful acquisition tool. Would not want to be without it!

  • Tara Carter, CPM®, CAM®, MBA
    President of Multifamily Management - Dodson Property Management

    ILoveLeasing is an easy to use yet highly sophisticated customer relationship management tool. The program has improved efficiency, reduced advertising spending, and allowed for real time executive reporting that has enhanced my overall decision making. I would enthusiastically recommend this program to any owner who desires roll-up performance analytics, improved onsite efficiency, and the ability to make more strategic marketing decisions.

  • Thomas L. Biel
    Executive Vice President - Touchmark Living Centers Inc

    Our Kiosk has been an excellent sales and marketing investment. Prospective buyers are able to explore our new full-service retirement community via the kiosk in our information center until one of our agents joins them for a tour. The Spherexx team provided a nice development outline that lead to completion of a very attractive and interactive kiosk.

  • Tori D.
    Senior Portfolio Manager - Review Provided By Capterra

    "Amazing support team!"

    Overall: Best way to track the on site team and ensure they are meeting our company standards.

    Pros: It is extremely simple to use once you get the hang of the way the software works! I train new leasing people to use this daily and I feel like after a little overview they are able to really advance!! The corporate team are EXTREMELY responsive when it comes to adding sources or properties!

    Cons: I am honestly very happy with the software in general- the stalled lead report is not my favorite though and can be slightly confusing/misleading.

  • Verified User
    Software User for 2+ years - Review Provided By Capterra

    "A great tool to analyze our properties' day to day operations"

    Pros: It's very user friendly & the reports allow us to review many aspects of our properties operations so that we can better serve our residents.

    Cons: Some of the reports that we use do not upload correctly into a different format, such as excel or PDF, making it hard to share with others.

  • Verified User
    Software User for 2+ years - Review Provided By Capterra

    "Great tool, great team!"

    Pros: I Love Leasing is an extremely thoughtful lead management tool for the Multi-Family Housing industry. It feels that it was designed by a team of people that truly understand the leasing process. As a result, the tool is effective, it's easy to use, and has robust reporting. The tool integrates with other systems and tools nicely, and has been well received by our on-site team members.

    Cons: I wish that there were more options with emails/automation. I'd like to be able to turn on a drip email function that identifies the bedroom type and move-in time period of a guest card so that it sends out emails based on the progress of the guest card. "Your move in date is approaching..." type of thing. More of a wishlist item versus a dislike though.

  • Zac Weinberger
    Regional Director - Royal Communities

    ILoveLeasing is one of the best tools for leasing & marketing in the property management industry. Our qualified traffic has increased 12%, leases by 50%, and our closing rate by 36% in the first three months. The seamless integration with our property management software effectively allows our leasing agents to focus efforts on closing. From a corporate level, the executive dashboard depicts an excellent picture of our team's real time performance on a comprehensive overview. Lead tracking management has never been easier!