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Everything you need to organize & execute inspections on the go

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Faster, More Reliable Inspections

Inspections are a time-consuming and often underappreciated part of multifamily property management. Save time and streamline your workflow with Spherexx Inspect! 

Our powerful software allows you to compile data using your mobile device creating more reliable property valuations and budgeting assessments.


Built with Managers In Mind

Maintenance requests, move-ins, move-outs, unit upgrades, vendor oversight, curb appeal and safety inspections. Sound familiar?

Make your job effortless with digital tools like photo and video recording, auto-calculations, drag and drop walk sheets, push notifications and more.


One Software, Many Uses

Get more from your inspections and keep the entire team informed every step of the way.  Inspect provides real-time data making it ideal for wide variety of multifamily inspection uses.

  • Pre-purchase Acquisition Studies
  • New Construction Punch
  • Renovation Projections
  • Move-In & Move-Out Inspections
  • Budgeting & Auditing
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • HUD, Bond & Tax Credit Regulation Compliance
  • Insurance Risk Assessment


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Fast & Flexible Templates

Template set up is simple! We setup your first walk sheet, then all need you do is drag and drop your content to customize new templates for future inspections.

Add as many details as you want down to the colors, brand names and finish types to make sure no inspection detail is overlooked.

We also include a variety of multifamily industry checklists that you can use with one click!  If your company has set of standard checklists, they can all be created in Inspect.


Work Smarter

Monitor completed inspections to ensure that everyone is following the process in the right way, at the right time, across your community or portfolio.

Inspect allows you to make assignments from the overview and building level down to each individual unit. 

Keep track of what has been completed, what information is missing and the status of inspection triggered work orders.

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In-App Photo Capture

No need to spend valuable time typing out lengthy descriptions, you can capture detailed photos as you inspect directly in the app eliminating confusion and making it easy to collaborate with maintenance staff for repairs!


Dictate Audio Notes

Never misplace or forget another note!  With Inspect, you can record your thoughts and comments for reference and they will always be included alongside your reporting.


Time Stamped for Accuracy

Every photo and audio note is time stamped as it's added for a precise, verified record of what was going on at that exact point in time. If a dispute arises, you will be able to examine whether the issue in dispute happened before or after the inspection was completed.


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Condition Scoring

Inspect offers customizable condition scoring so deficiencies can be classified based on your criteria.



Our software keeps a running total as you progress through the inspection eliminating the need to stop and do math on your phone while you walk the property.

Auto-calculate takes into consideration your pre-defined replacement costs and the  condition of inspected items.  When your inspection is complete so are your totals!


Offline Mode

No need to worry about sketchy Wi-Fi service.  With offline mode, you can work whenever and wherever you need.  All your data will be saved to your mobile device and synced once your back online.

Fuel Informed Decisions

Our comprehensive dashboard enhances decision making by providing both snapshot and in-depth inspection reporting. The dashboard also offers a report builder with a wide range of customization options that allow you to design reports to exactly fit your needs. Share reports with owners, regional managers and your onsite team by using the Microsoft Excel and PDF export buttons.

  • Unit-by-Unit Detail
  • Single Unit Detail By Room with Photo Review
  • Historical Comparison Reporting
  • Replacement Detail by Category, Unit and Equipment
  • Average Time Spent Per Unit
  • Checked Amenities
  • And More!


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Take It With You

The Inspect desktop dashboard pairs with our companion app for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. Inspections are sent directly to the app for use and synced with the dashboard for permanent storage.

Make login even easier by enabling QR code sign-in (iOS  only).

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Reduce Liability & Risk

When you collect, document and file all your inspections digitally you create an added layer of security to protect when legal issues arise. Monitoring and catching issues early helps you avoid costly mistakes.

Another benefit? Documented inspections can help you reduce insurance premiums.


Backup & Security

We are committed to the privacy and security of your data.  That's why your data is stored and backed up securely using Microsoft Azure. Azure is independently certified and meets rigorous security standards and regulatory requirements.

Spherexx has full redundancy with multiple power and internet feeds so you can rest comfortable knowing that your data will not be lost or tampered with.

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White Glove Tablet Setup

Interested in dedicated inspection tablets? 

We can provide tablets that come pre-installed and ready to go with all your data. All we need to get started is your rent roll, unit mix and items to tally.

Spherexx is the national iPad provider for Lincoln Property Company, ZRS, Pinnacle and many more!

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You Are Our Focus

Spherexx is a privately held company with no outside investors or venture capital.  This means we can put our focus on you! We are debt free and committed to our long-term client relationships. 

Clients stay with Spherexx because we can seamlessly connect data across multiple silos and synchronize that data to maximize our client’s daily decision making. Our advertising agency and software development services work in tandem to deliver solutions that set you apart!

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Popular Features

Unlimited Checklists

Drag & Drop Fields

Sync Across Devices

Time Stamped Uploads

Customizable Reporting

Geolocation History

Smart Data Checking

Auto Alerts

Eliminate Paperwork

Generate Work Orders

Dedicated Support Team

Simple Pricing

Choose the plan that’s right for your business. Whether you have a small business or a large one, we’ve got you covered.

Due Diligence - Annual

$100 / month
  • $300 one-time setup fee per company
  • Includes 1 inspection per month
  • Additional inspections are billed at $100 per inspection
  • Survey credits do not roll over if unused

Ongoing Inspections - Annual

$.20 / per unit billed quarterly
  • $300 one-time setup fee per company
  • Includes unlimited inspectors

Ongoing Inspections - Month to Month

$.30 / per unit billed quarterly
  • $300 one-time setup fee per company
  • Includes unlimited inspectors

Help Center

  • Can I still conduct an inspection if I don't have an internet/wifi connection?

    Yes! Spherexx Inspect is designed to work while offline.  Just a few things to keep in mind:


    The last user is the only person who can log in if there is no internet access.


    Your inspections will be saved locally to your current device.  Saved inspections will be uploaded to to the server when you reconnect to the internet and perform a sync.

  • How can I be certain my staff are physically walking each unit?

    Inspect provides periodic geolocation tracking when the user is logged in with an active internet connection.

  • I used Inspect for my Due Diligence, can I use it for regular inspections too?

    Once you’ve created a due diligence property, the data is all stored in Inspect so it's easy to migrate it over to an ongoing inspection setup. 

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Our team of experts can walk you through all the features of this powerful yet easy-to-use tool and recommend the best plan to fit your company.

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