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Inspect physical assets & calculate expenses with on the spot software.

Speed Inspections

Ideal for inspecting property for acquisition studies, new construction punch, renovations, budget preparation, insurance risk assessment, move-out inspections, and tax credit regulatory compliance inspections.

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This platform will self-calculate, create budget totals, report omissions, maintain a pictorial and audio record. Inspect eliminates overlooked units, storage rooms, utility areas and maintenance shops.

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How We’re Different


Spherexx Inspect has an alert system for sharing instant communications and updates.


Eliminates clipboards, loose papers, binders, and confusion. Additionally, we have building type templates that make the set up super easy.


Simplify financing strategies with hyper accurate documentation.

How It Works

Here is a brief overview of how Spherexx Inspect can work for your company

  • Format Parameters

    Spherexx will set up your asset based on the inspection criteria that is important to your review.
  • Physical Review

    Your tablet is all you need to inspect your asset, it will remind you of any overlooked data outlined in the setup and it will contain audio, photographic and stylus notes.
  • Conclusions

    Spherexx Inspect auto-calculates replacement and repair costs as determined by your customized setup.

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