Unlocking Success for Multifamily Websites in the Mobile-First Era

Google completes mobile-first indexing rollout after 7 years

Back in 2016, Google made a pivotal shift to mobile-first indexing. This fundamental change means that all websites, including those in the apartment and multifamily industry, are now primarily assessed from a mobile perspective rather than the traditional desktop view.


Why Does Mobile-First Matter?

  • User Behaviors: With an increasing number of prospective tenants using mobile devices to search for apartments, the mobile performance of your website directly influences user satisfaction.
  • Google's Algorithm Prioritization: Google now gives priority to mobile-optimized websites. If a website isn't mobile-friendly, it risks a decline in search rankings and reduced visibility.
  • Conserving Desktop Crawling: Google will reduce desktop crawling to conserve resources.


Assessing Your Website's Mobile Friendliness

If you own or manage an apartment or multifamily property website, it is critical to ensure that your content is fully optimized for mobile-first indexing. Neglecting to incorporate mobile-first indexing into your SEO strategy could mean missing out on valuable traffic. To assess your website's mobile-friendliness, take these steps:

  • Adjust User Agent: Utilize tools like Screaming Frog and change the user agent to "Googlebot Smartphone" (Pro tip: Requires a licensed Screaming Frog version).
  • Compare Mobile vs. Desktop Crawls: Ensure a seamless mobile experience by comparing how your apartment website is crawled on mobile devices versus desktop.
  • Content Audit: Identify differences between mobile and desktop content, ensuring your property listings and information is effectively presented on smaller screens.
  • Streamlined Navigation: Implement clear menus, concise headings, and strategic placement of crucial information.
  • Consistent Internal Linking: Maintain a consistent internal linking structure on mobile devices to help users navigate property listings and amenities effortlessly.
  • Mobile-Friendly Content: Review the readability of your content on mobile screens, incorporating headings, bullet points, and mobile-friendly design to engage potential tenants.
  • Competitor Analysis: Gain insights by analyzing the mobile experience of high-performing competitors in the apartment and multifamily industry.


Google has reported that only a very small number of apartment and multifamily websites are not functioning well on mobile devices, and for these, they will continue to use the legacy Googlebot. However, the vast majority of apartment and multifamily websites should now be seamlessly integrated into the mobile-first indexing paradigm, ensuring they effectively cater to the growing mobile-savvy audience searching for their next rental property.



How Can You Improve Your Website Optimization?

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