Spherexx Helps Host TU Student Etiquette Dinner


Do you know how to pass the bread at a formal meal?

How about which fork is used when? Maybe these are questions you’ve never thought about or considered. After all, does it really matter which fork you use during dinner? And what does it really have to do with getting hired?

There will come a day when you are invited by a hiring manager or company owner to dinner. Knowing how to conduct yourself around them when they do can prove to be just as important as the format of your resume. From your clothes to your communication skills to your table manners is all a reflection of who you are and often, speaks louder than words or resumes. All of these things are telling a hiring manager or company owner something about you. The goal is to make sure it’s positive and professional.

To ensure this happens, The University of Tulsa Career Services hosts the annual Etiquette Dinner to help students learn how to conduct themselves during formal meals. In addition, there is an opportunity for students to network with business owners, HR reps, and different companies both in and outside of Oklahoma.

Each table consists of hosts from different companies and students are encouraged to exchange business cards with their table host during the event. Table hosts serve as the lead for the table, in both conducting dinner manners and leading conversation. Students also have the opportunity to discuss their career plans and goals, with networking and dessert to follow after.


Christina Powers Will Host for the 3rd Year

This year, Christina Powers will be a table host at the annual event. Christina is the Director of Recruiting & Staff Development for Spherexx, and this will be her 3rd year attending the Etiquette Dinner. She heads up HR communications, recruitment advertising, new talent search while providing client relationship management, executive support, and public relations. Her passion is to help people find the job position that fits them.

This year’s Etiquette Dinner will take place February 15th in the Allen Chapman Student Union, Great Hall and is free to TU students with registration. Knowing a few simple rules while dining could make all the difference when out to dinner with a hiring manager.