The Problems With WordPress Websites

Websites #1 goal is to be a 24-hour sales agent and to generate leads and sales. Sales begin with appointment setting and appointment setting can’t happen without live pricing, availability, and lease term offerings. Website brochures serve a purpose, but a website digital sales agent is a better bang for your buck!  Websites built by Spherexx outperform all other advertising channels.

WordPress websites don't perform well because...


1]  Optimization is manually managed and most companies don’t know how to do it correctly and consistently.

2]  Plug-ins kill load times and have to be constantly updated and managed. NOTE:  slow loading websites are penalized by Google and dropped lower in rankings on keyword searches, so you lose valuable traffic and income. is a WordPress website. See their google page speed results below: is a custom-designed website by

See their Google speed test results below:

3]  Plug-ins break things inside the website, because of WordPress or plug-in versioning or bad/incompatible code.

4] Customer engagement has lower conversion because the website visitors can’t get real-time pricing & availability into the website workflow, which is mission-critical for any website selling goods or services. NOTE: For apartment management companies, this means their property website visitors can’t take the step to schedule a tour or start a rental application, or even request information without having this pricing data.  It’s the kiss of death for website lead-to-lease conversion.

5] WordPress was built for blogging and requires custom programming or engagement with 3rd party plug-ins to have the customer journey tracking queue up need-based content. Custom purpose-designed websites by Spherexx will ensure engagement and conversion without plug-ins that weigh download times and can actually break the WordPress website (see #3 above).

6] Security vulnerabilities  – WordPress websites are the most attacked, so you will be out of GDPR and CCPA privacy compliance because you can’t protect privacy when there are so many openings for hackers stealing data. 

7] Hosting up-time and hosting platform update management is critical.

8] Yoast plug-in for WordPress search engine optimization is limited in its reach, scope, and performance. 

9] ADA website plug-ins are zero protection, so you are vulnerable to lawsuits. 

Spherexx Website & Software Performance – Proof of Performance Success
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