Spherexx Market Insights Celebrates 11 Year Anniversary

Spherexx Market Insights Celebrates 11 Years of Serving the Multifamily Industry

Empowers Intelligent Pricing for an Educated Advantage 

Market Insights is a cloud-based software as a service that eliminates spreadsheet competitive market surveys, and the mishaps that ensue with formula corruptions, lost data and hours updating and distributing information. 

Some Special Features: 
•    We setup your survey so your subscription is accurate and ready for easy update
•    Unlimited drag and drop report template options 
•    Automatically retains and creates on demand historical market data 
•    Sister-property share integration updates like competitors 
•    Integrates with Revenue Management applications
•    Quick crosscheck feature compares published pricings
•    Presentation ready reports 
•    Permission access levels
•    Portfolio and corporate reporting 
•    Self-calculates market and effective rates, concessions, square foot rates, averages, etc. 
•    Serves conventional, student housing, affordable, senior, high rise and garden modules
•    Customize change alerts 
•    Friendly share feature automatically updates changes
•    Due Diligence research subscription available


Our Account Managers conduct free training sessions on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 1:00 PM CT. Focus training sessions offered by invitation. Email help@marketsurveytools.com. 

Ready to gain an educated advantage?  Go to www.Spherexx.com/get-started to schedule a consultation. 


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