ILoveLeasing CRM Launches Leasing Drip Automation

Spherexx remains at the forefront of pushing technology boundaries within the multi-family industry

Tulsa, OK | 12-13-22

Spherexx ILoveLeasing CRM users received a complimentary upgrade this month inside their ILoveLeasing subscriptions. The lead management and analytics program launched in 2006 and has been serving multi-family industry clients since with regularly enhanced attributes.

Spherexx leasing drip automation introduces a robust functionality that reduces leasing staff work hours and increases closing rates. The feature intuitively takes over prospect communications when predetermined response times expire. All email and text communications are easily customizable, and default content is provided.

The enhancement engages through a system of triggers to pending phone messages, texts, and emails based on selected settings. It will create a guest card and request missing information, schedule an appointment to tour, inquire about a missed appointment, and alert leasing staff members when an event requires personal attention. All activity is shown in the staff’s lead activity feed. Early adopters of the new function have stated how the program works wonders, especially when demand is dropping.

ILoveLeasing CRM+ automation also launches post-tour surveys that can be deployed anytime by staff members and additionally sent to new residents regarding their move-in experience, which is especially helpful for new construction property. Users can eliminate post-tour third-party survey providers and save subscription fees.

“Since the introduction of ILoveLeasing Automation platform, we noticed major improvements in our leasing workflows. By automating mundane follow up tasks, it saves us a lot of time and resources, while increasing our team’s bandwidth to follow up when it matters. It’s been very helpful addition to our leasing toolkit, especially in large-scale properties like Newport. I appreciate the craftsmanship of making all those interactions work together. Well done, Spherexx!” said Arthur Kosmider, Senior Director of Marketing, LeFrak.

ILoveLeasing CRM+ technology solves staffing reduction problems by intelligently interacting with prospective residents while leasing personnel perform management duties. The multi-family industry has been singularly affected by hiring shortages since 2020. Apartment management offices conduct many in-person services: resident relations, maintenance scheduling, inspections, accounting, collections, etc. Offsite leasing inquiries can easily get backlogged and leases lost. Interviews with management leaders indicate that many are considering  reducing personnel as well as establishing centralized leasing, a model ILoveLeasing has supported for many years.

Spherexx conducted a two-year study on 3.5 million leads that affirmed responding to a lead within the first-hour results in an 82.8% lease conversion advantage. Additionally, contacting a lead six times results in a 226% lease conversion advantage. IloveLeasing aids in both initiatives.

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