Spherexx Announces the Release of a New Document Management Platform


Spherexx Document Management: The Brave New Virtual World of Lease Execution


Corporate management operations have been drastically disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The consensus among leaders is that the pandemic will permanently affect the way we all do business going forward. Mix this with the threat of rising violence in the workplace, malls, theaters and schools and we see a generation that is continually gravitating to virtual purchasing, entertainment, IOT and AI driven tools. Matchmaking has gone virtual in Japan, and some Japanese men have even opted for virtual wives.

Leasing an apartment has quickly moved into the virtual world. Unexpectedly, apartment leasing momentum during the pandemic has slowed very little for communities that implemented effective interactive virtual and video tours.


A Cloud-Based Leasing Experience

In conjunction with its full house of virtual leasing tools, Spherexx has developed a completely cloud-based leasing experience from call-to-action to lease execution that is SSL secure, GDPR/CCPA and ADA compliant.

Prospective residents can tour a 2D and 3D floor plans, or take an interactive virtual tour with a leasing guide, watch a video tour, select a specific location in the community from an interactive building map, arrange virtual furniture to scale, choose a specific address with individual pricing, and select a lease term-all from a website. Additionally, they can chat with a voicebot assistant or chatbot to gather other relevant information on the spot.

With Spherexx Document Management System, the prospect can complete an application for residency that has been completely tailored to the management company’s brand and state and local statutes. The company can also validate identity with an integrated third-party provider, and add addendums and other forms to the application. Upon completion, the prospective resident is sent to a document signing application and then to the payment processor. At that point, the accounting system is automatically updated along with Spherexx CRM.



Includes Management Dashboard

In the management portal, each step and status update are followed and reviewed through the management dashboard while being automatically included in analytics. After deposits and fees are paid, the application is sent directly to a screening service of choice, or vetting according to the company’s protocol, and the accounting system is updated accordingly. Upon approval, the corporate customized lease documents and addendums are generated within the system and sent to the applicant(s) for signatures. Upon execution, all instruments are sent to the accounting system for backup.


How Can Spherexx Document Management Help You?

-  It reduces errors

-  Eliminates the need for in-person signature meetings

-  Eliminates physical copies and file preparations

-  Eliminates scanning

-  Reduces the need for downloading and uploading huge files with slow internet connections

-  Saves time spent composing long instruction emails

-  Houses all your unique addendums

-  Privacy Act compliance for GDPR, CCPA and The Shield Act of NY 

- Microsoft Azure privacy and security for processing documents 



Additional Benefits

Spherexx Document Management integrates with Yardi software, and automates CRM analytics. Prospective residents can complete a lease with little interruption and staff members reduce their administrative work hours by a reported half-hour per instrument in paperwork alone.