ILoveLeasing CRM Centralized Office Solves Staffing & Budget Obstacles

Spherexx ILoveLeasing CRM Centralized Leasing Platform Solves Multiple Management Obstacles

Over the past two years, the multi-housing industry has seen a nationwide increase in staffing changes. Some companies have had regional managers working as leasing agents, or one leasing agent floating between sister properties just to patch staffing shortages. To permanently fix this problem, companies are rethinking what a leasing team looks like by implementing multi-site property setups and central leasing offices.

Spherexx ILoveLeasing CRM platform offers two central leasing office configurations in its robust, adaptive design. 

Central Leasing Office

If your properties are not located in the same area, our central leasing office platform can provide a progressive solution to management challenges. This configuration sets up personnel to handle all initial communications with prospects. When an appointment is scheduled, the central leasing office transfers prospect information over to the onsite teams and they handle touring and closing. With less prospect-related activities to do on-site, each property’s smaller staff can better accomplish other operations.

ILoveLeasing CRM has designated dashboards for each team, so the transition from central leasing to onsite teams is seamless and no data is lost.

Central Leasing Office Configuration

  • Determines which property the prospect is calling about and automatically pulls up that property’s information, including amenities, fees and more

  • Shows building-specific appointment availability for easy scheduling

  • Displays pricing and availability for each building with our property management software and revenue management integrations

  • Lets onsite leasing teams easily see communication and guest card details between the central leasing office and prospect

  • Reports on both the central office and onsite team performance

Multi-site Central Office 

If you have multiple properties in the same vicinity, you could consider a multi-site setup. Instead of having several people designated to one property, a single leasing team is servicing all properties in that area from one location. For example, instead of having to maintain 1-5 people at each property, you could have 3-5 people work all leads.

ILoveLeasing was the first CRM to create multi-site setups so one team can easily accomplish follow-up on several properties.

Multi-site Central Configuration

  • Allows the leasing team to access one dashboard to see leads for all buildings

  • Gives the leasing team access to each building’s information, including pricing and availability

  • Provides a single calendar for all buildings so that agents are not double-booked and prospects are only offered times to tour when the team is available

  • Merges prospects inquiring about more than one building so that agents can send a single response

  • Integrates with multiple accounts in your property management software

  • Tracks the advertising for each building separately or combined

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