GrandeCentral and Control Center Rebranded to Spherexx Optimize® Advertising, Web, Software, Business Intelligence Developer Product Rebrand Underway


Spherexx launched in 2000 as primarily a web development company focused on advertising services for the multifamily industry. The company has since expanded its advertising and software development platforms to meet evolving opportunities in digital marketing and management for the multifamily industry and other industry verticals.

RentPush launched in 2013 as an algorithmic, AI driven revenue management platform that serves the multifamily industry. The program performs predictive analysis, algorithmic pricing and simulation, property management accounting integrations, forecasting, lease expiration management, value-based optimization, renovation module and proforma. The permission based interactive dashboards streamline revenue management tasks and are configurable by preference. Reports and alerts include audits, compliance performance, return on investment upgrade analysis and visual rent roll.  It is also mobile device responsive and it offers a manual pricing component that equips users with business intelligence tools.

Spherexx Optimization Problem Solving Features:

  • Revenue left on the table for lack of integral operational and market knowledge
  • Hours spent on analysis derived from mass reporting to determine best pricing
  • Missed threats to occupancy and asset stabilization
  • Unauthorized pricing deals
  • Trepidation of moving rates to optimum levels
  • Difficulty in viewing long range growth/loss valuation impact
  • Determining where operational trouble spots delay occupancy, income growth
  • Incorporating big data into actionable insights coupled with accounting software integrations

About® Full Circle Solutions

Established 2000,® serves thousands of clients nationally, providing cloud-based marketing technology to meet the demand for results-driven website design, touchscreen kiosks, and software solutions. offers a wide selection of professional services including Internet lead generation tools, online advertising, consulting, advanced mobile technology, apartment lease-up marketing, and search engine performance. Spherexx also provides advanced integrations, branding services, video/multimedia production, hosting, database solutions, pay per click, e-commerce, and custom programming.

Spherexx has developed Software as a Service (SaaS) tools for the multifamily industry to increase asset performance and streamline workflow through customer relationship management, multifamily market survey, revenue management, employee commission and rewards accounting, advertising syndication, broadcast email, and videography.  Services include search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Custom software development provides mobile applications, ecommerce, inventory, and distribution management software.

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