Feed the City: A Spherexx Employee Pay-It-Forward Story

Every holiday season, Spherexx distributes gift cards to its employees, encouraging them to pay-it-forward in some way. Aware of the annual contribution she’d receive from the company, Saundra, Client Success Manager kept her eyes and ears open for the opportunity to pay it forward.

The opportunity came while attending a social media conference in April of this year where she learned about Tango Tab and their Feed the City events. These events focus on bringing people together of all different ages and backgrounds to prepare and distribute meals to those in need. It was there she learned that in America alone, over 50 million people live under the shadow of food insecurity and of that 50 million, 17 million are children.

Paying It Forward

Since the first event launch in 2016 in Dallas, the Feed the City events have expanded into multiple cities across the nation. However, a Tulsa event had not been started and for Saundra, she saw this as a chance to be a part of something that was making a difference.

Now, every month, a group meets and prepares meals that are donated to Iron Gate. These meals are then distributed to families in need throughout the Tulsa area. The pay-it-forward gift Spherexx gave to Saundra was used in helping purchase and prepare meals this holiday season.

Meals made per month at Feed the City Tulsa:

  • April: 306
  • May: 671
  • June: 1037
  • July: 2074
  • August: 1590
  • September: 1634
  • October: 1175
  • November: 1896
  • December: 960

When You Eat, They Eat

She also learned about the Tango Tab app, which she encourages others to download. How it works is simple. Every time someone eats at a partnering restaurant and “Checks In” on the app, a meal is donated to a person in need through the local food bank. With over a billion meals dined out every single week in the USA alone, Tango Tab hopes to help solve the hunger epidemic. It is the mission of “When You Eat, They Eat.” The app is free to download and a great way to be a part of what Tango Tab is doing.

Continuing to Be Apart

To date, there have been over 700,000 meals made from Feed the City events. Saundra is honored for the opportunity to pay-it-forward and proud to be a part of a company that enables such an act. Spherexx’s core values consist of many attributes, but its most prominent is Servant Leadership, believing that to lead, you must be willing to serve and being generous to others should be second nature.

Saundra looks forward to the coming of the new year and will continue to be a part of the Feed the City events as well as look for other ways to pay-it-forward in her city.