Carter Numismatics Custom Rare Coin Software


Spherexx Develops Custom "Orion" Software for Advanced Inventory, Validation, Relocation Management and Auditing

Carter Numismatics is one of the most respected names among rare coin buyers and brokerages. Carter’s inventory registers in the millions and therefore involves many valuable, moving parts. All rare coins require authenticity ratings known as an alias system; such as PCGS, NGC, and CAT services that assign identification numbers to appraised coins. Each coin may have multiple validation numbers as well as the Carter product ID. As with other forms of currency, values change with time, thus the valuation process is constantly underway and coins are revalued daily.  This is one of the areas that Orion by Spherexx facilitates optimized pricing. Coins can undergo mass editing simultaneously in Orion.

Coins are sent regularly for appraisals and Orion tracks and creates destination and return labels as part of its relocation management features. Coins are also sent to other brokerages and resellers for sales or consignment. Orion determines if coins are missing or misdirected. All coins require an approval for relocation or loss in the Orion transfer system.


A Mobile Solution for Onsite Sales

Carter frequently attends exclusive trade shows organized for brokerages and collectors where sales are often conducted onsite. Orion is mobilized. It creates invoices, receives payment and e-signatures, and creates labels with automatically generated delivery and insurance rates integrated to UPS and FEDEX. It scans barcodes, prints to peripheral devices and updates inventory. Previously, staff members had to copy the massive inventory to a mobile device; now they can easily search and even add search criteria via laptop, iPhone, iPad or Android mobile devices to locate an item for a customer. The software will also build a wish list, a custom list of coins being actively sought by buyers.  Other customer management features include split agreements and consignments between owners, brokers and resellers.

Although there is other rare coin management software available, Carter could not adapt those options to their specific workflow.


Here's What the Client Had to Say:

“The work Spherexx accomplished for our custom programming project had been deemed impossible for a company that did not specialize in coins,” said Daniel Mitchell, Director of Operations. “The submission forms, the alias system, label printing, and all that followed was no easy task. I heard over and over every time we brought a new system that it simply could not be done. Well, Spherexx did do it, and it is extremely impressive.”


Orion reports tax computations, sales reports, and other accounting measures; it sends out alerts and exceptions that require attention.  It is integrated into Microsoft Azure Active Directory which allows for seamless integration into their corporate network.

Orion is available through Carter Numismatics to other brokerages and retailers.


About Carter Numismatics

Founded in 1996, Carter Numismatics, Inc. is one of the nation’s premier wholesalers of rare U.S. coins.  Carter Numismatics combines decades of experience with cutting-edge technology to offer customers some of the finest pieces in the industry. They are a company that is constantly in motion, traveling to tradeshows and auctions every month as well as continually keeping in front of customers at the office.  Carter is established as one of the easiest firms to deal with their commitment to employ a straightforward, honest approach to developing relationships within the rare coin industry.  The combination of knowledge, experience and straightforward manner has combined to make Carter one of the most respected rare coin companies in the nation.



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