Canopy at Ginter Park Website Leases Up for Bristol Development Group


Bristol Development Group


Spherexx recently helped Bristol Development Group design and launch a custom website template for some of their newest multi-family developments.


Here's What Lisa Nunnally Gunderson, Vice President of Asset Management at Bristol Development Group Had to Say:

I was ready to break up with my (now previous) website designer when I decided to reach out to Becca. My previous web vendor had been acquired by another company and we were not satisfied with the results of that merger. We thought it was time for a change... enter Spherexx.


From the First Time I Reached Out About Starting This Conversation Everyone Was Incredibly Helpful.

We wanted to make sure we were making the right decision and the Spherexx team was great about listening to our needs and our concerns on this possible partnership. All of our quotes were detailed and specific to the items we discussed. The team was always in contact and patient with us as we gathered the collateral they needed and the result was better than we could have imagined.



Spherexx’s Software Stack Has Over 20 Products Plus the Advertising Agency All Under One Roof.

So when we added Spherexx CRM and Leasing Book to our software stack, as always, the teams were very helpful and cohesive with the other departments in answering any questions and concerns our management companies and onsite teams had about the programs and the new workflows.

Becca and the Spherexx team made the transition to the Spherexx family as seamless as can be when working with multiple real estate entities and additional vendors.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Spherexx team.