AI: The Future of Multifamily Efficiency and Engagement


AI-Driven Multifamily Solutions by Spherexx


The AI lift for multifamily began with statistical modeling in 2001 to enhance operational excellence, and in 2013, algorithms introduced AI (artificial intelligence) to the multifamily sector. This marked the introduction of neural networks and machine learning in the multifamily industry, enabling the forecasting of demand.


In recent years, AI has made its way into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, empowering property management companies to engage with prospects and residents using generative AI. Generative AI, capable of creating emails, images, texts, and other media, relies on generative models. These models learn patterns and structures from training data and generate new data with similar characteristics, resulting in AI responses that have a human-like quality governed by predefined policies or rules.

What's particularly exciting is that the transition to implementing AI for revenue management and lead management has proven surprisingly straightforward, thanks in part to pioneering efforts by multifamily owners, operators, and REITs who adopted AI as part of an operational excellence strategy.

Spherexx offers an AI and Automation platform for revenue management, BI Dashboard, and lead automation management. Spherexx I Love Leasing CRM AI leverages Chat GPT, the latest algorithmic and generative AI capabilities, providing property management companies with the confidence to harness AI to achieve more with fewer human resources and less guesswork. Spherexx's customer-centric setup ensures a seamless implementation process, with their team completing 100% of the work. Their AI solutions focus on performance goals and enforce policies to train the AI to operate like a perfectly trained digital workforce.

Rose Associates oversees more than 26,000 units across New York, with approximately $2 billion in projects under development. Executive Director Scott Marino of Rose Associates noted, "Spherexx's digital marketing platform has helped our team lower the cost per lead and cost per lease by 50% while doubling lead volumes compared to the pre-implementation era." 

Interested in experiencing how Spherexx can automate daily property management operations, enhance rent optimization, visualize data with BI dashboards, and accelerate the lead-to-lease conversion process with reduced employee involvement?  

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