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Spherexx can transform your image, exponentially increase your sales or completely redesign your office workflow for more efficiency, accountability and profitability. Very few advertising agencies are also software development companies and this unique set of skillsets means we deliver concept to production solutions. Every company can always benefit from expanding their footprint and can profit from differentiation in the market. Schedule a 15 minute call with us at 1.866.491.7500.

Custom Responsive Websites

Always bring the best first impression! Many of your website visitors will have their very first experience with you & your company via your website. A responsive website will automatically scale to the device of your website visitor. It will provide a quality user friendly experience for your brand. Spherexx has custom design services available to insure your brand has the right presentation. However, we also have pre-designed responsive templates you can select from at We have solutions for every budget and all our websites come with a full-featured content management system (CMS) that makes it simple for you to manage the content of the website and keep things fresh! Spherexx will make sure your brand leverages technology to the fullest. See examples of how we present custom design concepts at

Prices Starting At $5,000

Spherexx Search Engine Optimization Services

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Marketing and Branding

Freshen up your existing brand or let us help you build your new branded concept for a new company or product line. We can design whatever you need regardless of whether you need digital or print. Share your ideas with us and we'll bring them to life! Hiring Spherexx to build your brand, your website, and design a custom software database to help you manage your business keeps it all under one roof. Spherexx services include expertise in brand journalism, press release preparation and distribution, and reputation management.

Prices Starting At $2,500

Need Your Marketing & Branding Materials Printed? We Also Provide Full Service Printing Services.

Software Development

Ingenious, affordable, problem-solving software customization and services. has been creating software as a service brands for over ten years, including client-specific software solutions. Spherexx award-winning software is streamlined, appealing, upgradable, and affordable.

Prices Starting At $20,000

Accurate Printing Software

Our client wanted to create an interactive quoting system to better serve a printing company's need to provide 24-hour service with mobile accessibility as well as streamline the quoting process and convert shoppers to buyers more effectively. developed Accurate Printing Software whereby subscribers can specify paper choices, select press and bindery details; quote multiple jobs simultaneously, include special features and booklet options, and deliver quotes directly from the software.

The software tracks quotes and stores customer and product details for easy reorder; and it creates cost analysis and work orders for the production team, improving accuracy, speed and clear communication.

Users have reported saving thousands of dollars using Accurate Printing Software instead of manual, often miscalculated quotes. Printing services are quick to subscribe to this cloud based tool that reduces work hours and increases profits.

"Spherexx brought my vision to life for a quoting software service for the printing industry. It is completely revolutionizing the way many printing companies do business. The software not only conforms to my specifications, it's very intuitive and easier to use than I imagined. Spherexx went beyond my expectations and built algorithms to help the software users immediately calculate paper stock, bindery options and a cost versus quote analysis. I have been a Spherexx customer for 13 years and they still amaze me with their ability to create superior functionality with stunning design. I am not sure any other company could have produced what they accomplished with Accurate Printing Software."

Rick Ellis
Arcadia Printing & Accurate Printing Software

Boardwalk Distribution

Boardwalk Distribution was a small start-up distribution company for wholesale alcoholic beverages in 2012. Today, they are a serious market contender whose online market savvy has forced their formerly dominant competitors to revamp their business strategies.

Boardwalk requested Spherexx to create a very sophisticated online ordering system for liquor retailers. The system launched late in 2012 and has been making significant strides for Boardwalk Distribution since.

The software offers real time pricing and inventory for online ordering twenty-four-seven. It creates a purchase order system; retailers can even order directly from a third-party supplier inside the application. Boardwalk offers optional delivery schedules.

The program algorithm calculates and suggests how much stock Boardwalk should have on hand to fulfill popular demand based on previous purchases. The application offers extensive reporting, such as Gross Monthly Profit and Yearly Summary.

The inventory component is designed especially for tablet viewing so staff members can automatically update physical inventory count at one place and time. The search function is exhaustive, ranging every imaginable alcoholic beverage. Administrative sections provide user access management, dashboard advertisement selections; item add, breakage report and recalculations, markups, top twenty-five best sellers plus detailed performance reporting in a variety of correlations.

" put us on the map when we launched Boardwalk Distributing Software. From that day forward, we have gone straight up in sales and become a real presence in the wholesale liquor distribution industry. Our customers are delighted with the ease we have provided in ordering and the reference data we maintain. Spherexx works with us in creating reports we envision and they add functionality that makes it even better. One of the biggest wins with Spherexx is the ability to take them an issue or request and have it addressed very quickly. That is not the way it is with national route accounting software companies. We are looking forward to continuing growth and you can bet Spherexx will be at our side."

Dan Pasque
Boardwalk Distribution

Mobile Application Development

Mobile is a must to remain competitive in today's marketplace. Spherexx is a forerunner and pioneer in mobile application development.

Welcome your prospect's expectations for a seamless mobile experience. Engage Spherexx-developed management and marketing tools that dramatically reduce administrative energy and costs, or create your unique mobile application with our programming expertise.

Prices Starting At $30,000

Video Production

Add another dimension to your advertising arsenal, communicate volumes in moments with professional videography from Spice up your website, educate employees and customers with sight, sound, animation and demonstration by utilizing the most advanced training and presentation techniques. We provide scripting, storyboard, concept, voice-over and production for our award-winning video presentations.

Prices Starting At $3,000

Discover. Innovate. Succeed.

Business Intel

Have you ever exhausted more energy locating and extracting critical data from a digital sea than you have constructing your analysis? offers a wide selection of business intelligence tools based on identified key performance indicators: market analytics, algorithmic pricing, commission tracking, prospect demographic studies, budget expense analysis and asset acquisition analysis.

We can create a business intelligence model to excavate your pertinent data and translate it into derived intelligence that empowers decisions with substantial conclusions.

Invest in, Consult with or Buy Your Company

If we take your project, then we will deliver above and beyond your expectation. The transaction will be fair and could be capital, infrastructure, marketing assistance or management consulting. Our goal is to build a win-win agreement regardless of whether you just need investment dollars or a temporary partner to build out the software behind your concept or boost your brand through realistic ROI centric advertising.

We prefer businesses with monthly recurring revenue. We will take on some new concepts, but would prefer the company be established for at least 2 years. Business plans or proof of concept will be required to submit your project to us for review. Non-disclosure statements will be signed by all parties.

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