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Single Sign On

Quickly access your preferred software services from a single dashboard

Encrypted Remote Dashboard

House all your software shortcuts for instant access with Spherexx Single Sign-on. Now you can access all your leasing and management applications with just one password!  Review reports, activity, trending and performance from any location with Internet access.

Features Included

· Works on Desktop, Laptop or Tablet
· Mobilizes Desk Functions
· Feeds Choice of Reports and Roll Up Data
· Accepts Alerts
· Leasing Tools: Floor Plans, Photos, Area, Guest Card, Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire
· Resident Portal
· Preloaded, Setup for Immediate Initiation
· Security Encrypted
· Access With One Login
· Skype a Live Tour of a Model or Available Unit
· Meet With an Area Manager On Location With Online Meeting Software
· Write Walking Notes

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