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Learning Center

Train & house resources with an online learning management system.

Training Easy

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to inspire continuous and collaborative learning and is adaptable to any business and any organizational chart.

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This Software as a Service (SaaS) platform can be customized to any learning environment and provides the flexibility to develop and deliver custom courses and learning paths to specific roles in your organization. 

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Perform. Measure. Repeat.

House your training resources, track each employee’s course progress, and what certifications they have completed.


Create Training Videos

Spherexx can also create training software, including video, for a completely customized training solution.


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How We’re Different

Custom Content

Spherexx can create training software, including video, for a completely customized training solution.


Streamline and automate your administrative training workflows.

Monitor Churn

Automatically know about changes in your staff and team member transfer from one division/department or to a new location.

Our Process

Here is a brief overview of how Spherexx Learning Center works

  • Organize

    Spherexx will work with you to establish your training regimens, materials and assignments.
  • Establish

    The Learning Center team will set up your training materials and your employee roster, your software will be ready for action upon completion.
  • Action

    Use the Learning Center content management system to assign training sessions, complete tests, add new information and update personnel for streamlined communication exchange.

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