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Help Desk

Centralize tasks & trouble tickets through an online dashboard.

Maintain Seamless Workflow

Spherexx has created a help desk solution that deploys administrative task and trouble tickets through a central dashboard that will ensure efficient resolutions to maintain a seamless workflow. It is adapted to desktop and tablet devices.

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Workforce Confidence

Help Desk reports by topic, velocity, location, competition time, user and/or department; and it compiles summary data for quick review. The information is presented as a valuable indicator of what entity is not following through to rectify an issue and thereby inspires positive changes and workforce confidence.

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Track Help Tickets & Resolutions

Create your own knowledge hub and interactive information exchange with customized company Help Desk. Client managed control lets you setup the categories of support and then build department assignments to handle each support category.

Pair with Spherexx Asset Control and leverage the data in your existing software and present your data through our proprietary data visualization tools.


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How We’re Different

Rapid Deployment

Easy on-boarding and implementation requires no bandwidth from your current IT team.


Quickly measure team productivity, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction.


Centralizes alerts, notifies the right people reliably, and enables them to take rapid action.

Our Process

Inspire positive changes and workforce confidence with a online help desk

  • Define Disconnects

    Spherexx will work with you to ascertain what areas of intercompany communications may be lacking in your current methodology of resolving help tickets and Human Resource initiatives.
  • Make A Plan

    Our programming team will focus on any weak elements and devise a flow chart that will address problems and solutions for your unique communication requirements.
  • Launch A Solutions

    Spherexx will adapt our Help Desk software as a service to brand and implement communication consolidation from an easy to use dashboard that reduces downtime and increases employee morale.

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