Growth Consulting

Translate data results into insights & discover hidden opportunities for growth.

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At Spherexx we provide our clients with measurable results.  We have the business education, experience, and savvy to offer constructive insight and interpretation with solutions to marketing and management dilemmas. Our data scientist construct methods to track performance in every element of our design, development and programming creations.

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Valuable analysis is applied to corresponding operational initiatives to achieve the desired return on investment and monetary rewards. We offer our growth consulting service to translate our measurable results into actionable insights.

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How We’re Different


We have the experience to help you make fundamental changes in how your business is run to better cope with the changing market.

Big Data

Our talent pool can analyze Big Data for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves.


Spherexx has the rare advantage of offering ingenious advertising services as well as a software development with superior programming talent at hand.


Spherexx will work with you to determine your goals and available resources to expand your market share and raise your brand awareness

Marketing Plan

Our marketing team will develop a plan on how to implement your portfolio's marketing initiatives through website, Internet advertising, creative concepts, print media and other avenues


Spherexx will implement your plan of action and provide measurable results and performance overview

Simple Pricing

Choose the plan that’s right for your business. Whether you have a small business or a large one, we’ve got you covered.

Starting At

$100 / per hour

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Power Up with Add-Ons

Growth Consulting is even better with these additional revenue boosting options.

  • I Love Leasing CRM+

    Optimize the prospect journey through customer relations & lead management. Read More

    What Makes I Love Leasing CRM+ Unique?

    1. Boost Lease Conversion by 36% by implementing CRM+'s simple regimens
    2. Integrate 400+ advertising sources and track ad performance
    3. Get live reporting 24/7 from any location per property or portfolio
  • Market Insights

    Optimize income and make informed decisions with on-demand pricing intelligence. Read More

    What Makes Market Insights Unique?

    1. Market research available by segment, 10.6 million units across 70+ metropolitan areas
    2. Choose from three methods of acquiring market intelligence
    3. Unlimited reporting features and on-demand configurations
  • Rent Push Revenue Optimization

    Stabilize assets & optimize value with AI driven revenue optimization software. Read More

    What Makes Rent Push Revenue Optimization Unique?

    1. Algorithmic pricing AI learns as it calculates
    2. Available for any portfolio size and type including lease-up projects
    3. Override privileges as requested in setup, automated built-in accounting audits
  • Websites

    Create a superior web experience with both custom & template websites. Read More

    What Makes Websites Unique?

    1. Our websites average 30% of all client leases at a fraction of the cost per lead than other advertising media
    2. Seamless integrations with property management software and services
    3. Optimal functionality: load time, uptime and search ranking

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