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Custom Software

Transform your ideas into custom software solutions that add value to your business.


A custom software solution is more attainable than you might believe.  Spherexx builds ingenious, affordable, problem-solving software customization and services. We have been creating custom software and mobile applications for our client specific platforms for years.  Whether you require an intricate integration or custom platform, Spherexx has the programming talent to accomplish your specific goals and initiatives.

User Friendly

Our UX/UI development team knows how end-users interact with web-based software and how to create a user-friendly interface that provides a unique, effective, enjoyable user experience.

Software as a Service

Cloud-based solutions to provide more efficiency, flexibility, and profitability.


QA & Software Testing

We conduct full scope of work testing that includes all stages of project development, starting from requirements testing at the software design stage, through final testing and the implementation stages.


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Success Stories

Spherexx built our custom inventory management system last year. The program is intuitive and easy to use. They were great to work with from beginning to end! I would highly recommend Spherexx for any of your software programming projects.

Sandra Hughes
Office Manager
Pipetech, Inc.

Spherexx put us on the map when we launched our software. From that day forward, we have gone straight up in sales and become a real presence in the wholesale liquor distribution industry. Our customers are delighted with the ease we have provided in ordering and the reference data we maintain. One of the biggest wins is the ability to take Spherexx an issue or request and have it addressed very quickly. That is not the way it is with national route accounting software companies. We are looking forward to continuing growth and you can bet Spherexx will be at our side.

Dan Pasque
Armada Distributing

The work Spherexx accomplished for our custom programming project had been deemed impossible for a company that did not specialize in coins. The submission forms, the Alias System, label printing, and all that followed was no easy task. I heard over and over every time we brought a new system that it simply could not be done. Well, you all did do it, and it is extremely impressive.

Daniel Mitchell
Director of Operations
Carter Numismatics

Simple Pricing

Choose the plan that’s right for your business. Whether you have a small business or a large one, we’ve got you covered.

Starting At

$150 / per hour

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Power Up with Add-Ons

Custom Software is even better with these additional revenue boosting options.

  • Kiosks

    Update orders, manage training materials and centralize data sheets with an easy to maintain touchscreen kiosk Read More

    What Makes Kiosks Unique?

    1. Includes a content management system
    2. Emails and texts user generated brochure directly to visitor
    3. Many size options, Internet access is not required for most functions
  • Mobile Apps

    Build custom apps that streamline workflows & meet your unique goals. Read More

    What Makes Mobile Apps Unique?

    1. Our mobile apps help streamline workflows and reduce cumbersome communications.
    2. We can integrate your mobile app with existing platforms to expand reach and profitability.
  • Websites

    The website tools you need to build and grow your audience effortlessly Read More

    What Makes Websites Unique?

    1. Our websites produce the greatest source of sales at a fraction of the cost per lead than other advertising media
    2. Wide selection of website development options
    3. Optimal functionality: load time, uptime and search ranking

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