Commission Tracking

Automatically calculate and track employee rewards with our flexible software solution.

Motivate Employees

Spherexx Commission Tracking solves administrative working hours on all fronts and continually motivates employees to action by gauging and sharing attained and potential rewards on their private dashboard.

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Versatile Computations

Spherexx Commission Tracking is versatile to all types of incentive computations.  It will structure simple and complex rewards programs based on roles and/or team achievements, or any combination thereof. 

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Versatile Computations

Commission Tracking can structure simple and complex rewards programs based on both individual role and team achievements.

· Individual or group Commission
· Income Projection
· All Staff Bonus Structure
· Role rewards based on individual or group achievement
· Premiums on designated products
· Unpaid Balances
· Overrides for specific challenges
· Percentage of group sales
· Add perks to existing goals ad hoc
· Sales growth rate


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Robust Reporting

Corporate users can gain deep insight into performance and commission spending with detailed, real time reporting and analytics.


Personalized Dashboards

Staff members can easily access their dashboard anywhere, anytime to stay informed and see their income potential.


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How We’re Different

Complex Calculations

Designed to work with complex and unique commission structures.

Limited Time Options

Set temporary bonus incentives to encourage leasing agents to get hard-to-lease units occupied.

Seamless Integration

Integrated with human resources software so calculations, approvals and disbursements are accomplished in one seamless workflow.

Success Stories

I have said, I don't know how Spherexx does it, but it's as if we are the only client that they have. That means a lot to me in my role, but it also means a lot to our on-site folks, it's not just me they answer the phone for, or answer an email for.

John Sons
Director of Training and Marketing Strategies - Burlington Capital Properties

Power Up with Add-Ons

Commission Tracking is even better with these additional revenue boosting options.

  • Asset Control

    Use business intel to translate critical data into key performance indicators. Read More

    What Makes Asset Control Unique?

    1. Quickly analyze key performance factors for pricing and change management decisions
    2. Forecast and trending reports give insight into problem solving and maximizing potential opportunity
    3. Fully integrated with revenue management and property management software

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