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Asset Control

Use business intel to translate critical data into key performance indicators.


Spherexx Asset Control translates all your critical data into your choice of key performance indicators. This business intelligence program offers all the performance factors of our Revenue Management software less the pricing algorithm. It aggregates, optimizes and forecasts potential problems and opportunities to expand pricing. 

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Manual Reporting

Asset Control eliminates manual rollup reporting; it will report a singular asset or an entire portfolio. It includes contract expiration management, graphic inventory, trending, income per total unit, and sales performance with price auditing fail safe function.  Spherexx Asset Control will integrate with your accounting software and report any variations thereof.

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How We’re Different

Detailed Reporting

Unique drill down status and history along with summary financial performance implications and projections.

Key Indicators

The customizable dashboard organizes key performance indicators by favorite topics and areas of concentration.


Optimize Portfolio For Maximum Asset Valuation.

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