Getting Noticed in Today's Digital Recruiting World

Did you fax your resume in response to a newspaper ad the last time you job searched? Has your resume remained in the same format since 1986?  If this is you, it may be time for a crash course in today’s digital job market to give you the upper hand in the tight labor market we’re living in. Here are a few resume writing tips that are sure to get you noticed!

Step 1

Revamping Your Resume

If the only edits that you’ve made are adding jobs to your basic 1990’s Word template resume – it’s time for a change!

  • Review your work history – If you have been in the workforce for 20 years, not every job you’ve had is going to be relevant to your current job search. That burger flipping gig you had for 6 months during college in the 80s is not going to be relevant to the job you’re currently searching for.  Split your skills/jobs into several different resumes for a more targeted search.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Have friends and family review and edit for you. If you have kids in college, chances are they know how to build a killer resume. They’ll be able to provide resume writing tips to help you create a new, relevant resume!

  • Consider utilizing a resume builder from sites like and  These sites have several templates to choose from to help create the perfect resume for the job you’re searching for.

  • Canva has a suite of free templates, with many of them focused on designers and creatives.  Visit their resume builder for more information - CanvaResumeMaker/

  • Check for typos, then check again! There is nothing that makes you seem less professional than typos. Check your resume multiple times to be sure that it is typo-free.

  • Check your grammar.  Double-check "Their and There and "Your and You’re".  These are items that MS Word won’t pick up on a spell-check.

  • Leave the year of your graduation off of your education portion – this dates you immediately.

  • Ensure that your skills are keyword search friendly. If you were in a unique position – add some additional general descriptive words to help your resume have better reach.

Step 2

Updating Your Email Address

  • If you have an email address with @msn, @AOL, @prodigy…. Make the switch to Gmail or another up-to-date address. Aside from taking out your graduation date, these domains at the end of your email address can also show your age.

  • Consider creating an email JUST for your career search – spam is real! This also makes it easier to differentiate between personal and professional emails.

  • Utilize your name in the email address – avoid anything like mommy2angels, Grammy2eight, PappaGrills247. Using just a general format of makes it easier for recruiters to identify you.

  • Forward emails to your phone. If you use a smartphone, setting up your account on your phone and having your emails forwarded to you helps you stay up to date on the latest jobs.

Step 3

The Internet is Your Friend!

  • LinkedIn is a form of social media – for career networking!  Leave your personal and political beliefs to Facebook – this social channel is all about professional development.

  • Utilize a professional photo of just you – no group or family photos

  • Join professional groups in your industry on LinkedIn(just search for the industry and join – much like a  Facebook group)

  • LInkedIn will automatically connect with your contacts during registration!  Networking is still the best way to land your next dream job.

  • As you go through the set-up process there will be a section to upload your resume and to check a box that you are actively seeking opportunities.

  • Check your profile’s public setting.  Delete (and never post) anything personal or negative.  Social Media is not your diary.

  • LinkedIn also gives you the opportunity to showcase ALL of your skills and talents that might get cut out of your resume.

  • Create your profile here!

Indeed—The GO TO site for recruiters

  • Starting an account is super easy and they send updates of jobs you may be interested in or qualified for

  • The site also has reviews of the jobs on there so you can see if the job is right for you.

  • Indeed also lets recruiters search for you! Post your resume and recruiters will reach out to you as well.

  • Sign up to find your new job here!

ZipRecruiter—This site allows you to search for jobs near you and matches key terms in your resume!

  • The site is free and incredibly easy to use.

  • It also features an app so you can job search no matter where you are!

  • Create an account here!

Step 4

Change is Good

  • If you are changing career paths or industries, then ask for opportunities to shadow someone in that field or career path.  They would have connections they could network with to help you as well, plus it gives you a chance to verify this change is really what you want. 

  • Don’t be shy to reach out to people in companies or industries via social media and ask them to give you 5 minutes to chat. Many companies have in-house recruiters who would be a great sounding board even if they don’t have an opening for you – they probably know someone who could assist you.

To summarize – proofread and then proofread again!  Getting back into the career search game can be intimidating but with a plan of action and a clean, updated resume you will be prepared to land your dream job.