Building a Culture on Strengths

A few months ago, I was working with an intact team that had significant communication challenges. During a Saturday retreat, they started with an MBTI profile to learn a bit more about each other then moved into an afternoon of StrengthsFinder team coaching. It was in the team coaching that the group came alive, as they figured out how they could leverage each other’s strengths to come together as a higher-functioning (less siloed/possessive) team.

The team continued to work on this through monthly virtual team coaching and their own ongoing efforts to move towards their desired state. To date, they have grown even more as a team; they work on special projects based upon strengths capability and are now helping each other develop in their areas of opportunity.

This team has developed its own Strengths Culture — so much so that it is starting to spread beyond their team.

If you want to understand the strengths of your people, you first need to know your people. Focusing on strengths is inherently focusing on people: their abilities, interests, knowledge, and aspirations.

Leaders gain huge advantages when they recognize and utilize their employees’ strengths. According to Gallup surveys, 67% of employees who feel that their strengths are used and appreciated by their leaders are engaged in their work. This soars over an average workplace engagement rate of 15%.

As a leader, hopefully, you’ve noticed that employees who are encouraged to operate from their strengths show more interest and more fully apply themselves. They’re also more productive, inspired and loyal. Data show that when organizations lead people through their strengths, they benefit in many ways: higher sales and profits, decreased absenteeism, lower turnover, and better customer reviews, to name a few.

Clearly, it’s to your advantage to maximize the use of your people’s strengths. The strength of your organization depends on the applied assets of its employees. This is more than just assessing people’s skills. Leaders who establish a culture of strength-mindedness instill a collective focus on — and a value in — the strengths of people. This focus must be ingrained into everything and everyone in your organization. Strengths Coaching Package for Individuals

As you examine your leadership strategy, what do you notice? Do you know the assets of your people? Are you building a culture on strengths? I’d love to help you discover and utilize your team’s strengths. You can reach me at or on LinkedIn.  READ ARTICLE