Annual SatisFacts Conference Teaches How To Build Resident Relationships and Retention

With over 15 years of experience, SatisFacts has helped over 3 million units market and measure resident experience. Their goal is to help increase overall resident satisfaction, resident retention, and increase property profitability. They recognize that the multifamily industry is a relationship and community driven industry, and it provides the insight and the resources needed to ensure that property owners and managers have the tools they need to be successful. But even with their existing service, they felt that more needed to be done.

Consider the following stats:

The average cost of a move-out is $3,000. (SatisFacts)

60% of move-outs that happen are for reasons directly impacted by the community team. (SatisFacts)

70% of the customers’ experience is based on how they feel they’re being treated. (McKinsey)

There was a need to change the statistics. SatisFacts believed that by creating a place where others could learn from industry leaders, they could enable an opportunity to dive even deeper into resources and knowledge pertaining to the industry that helped build connection, relationship, and resulted in resident retention.

“People do not buy goods and services.

They buy relations, stories, and magic.”

| Seth Godin

So in 2017, SatisFacts launched their first education and user experience conference. The FOCUS Conference is a two-day event, filled with sessions, keynote speakers, and open to attendees hungry for information. Their focus? To create an environment were attendees could be informed on all levels from marketing to community performance to current trends to leading edge technology all with the focus to connect with residents and enhance community. This event also provided an opportunity to network with others in the industry, and learn about what they were doing to build resident relationships.® believed in what SatisFacts was building and the need for a conference that allowed complete focus on providing those in the multifamily industry with the tools and resources to rise to new levels of success. Because of this, Spherexx was the first sponsor when SatisFacts announced they would be putting on a brand-new conference in 2017. Spherexx knew what the conference could be and was proud to support the vision of the SatisFact’s leadership team.

Due to the outstanding reception of the first conference in 2017,  the 2nd Annual FOCUS Conference took place in beautiful Los Angeles, California. This year’s conference  focused on key topics that included reputation management, marketing, and community performance.

The conference  covered resident retention strategies, social media, property reputation management, how to deliver exceptional customer service, and how teams can build relationships with residents.

Spherexx is the official app sponsor for the event, and is excited to see the amount of growth and attention the conference has gained in just over a year.

Spherexx believes that this conference will continue to provide those in the industry with education and forward momentum towards the future of multifamily. We are proud to support such an endeavor, and know that it will serve as a huge resource for those in the industry.