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Building a Distinctive and Consistent Brand Voice

Brand voice is everywhere.

It’s in your website copy, your advertisement, your images, social media posts, blogs, topics discussed, print pieces, and multi-media. It is the tone and type of language you choose to use when addressing your current clients, followers, and potential prospects.

Everything that leaves your company is speaking with your brand voice.

Now, whether you are intentional about your brand voice is the question.

Put plainly, your brand voice is who you are as a company. It’s a reflection of your core values, what the company stands for, and how it addresses customers, partners, and followers.

It is the representation of your products and services. Everything you push out should be in line with your brand voice and be consistent in tone. That tone is going to allow you to find, attract, and communicate with your ideal customer and engage with current ones.

How do we get there?

A company’s brand voice can be professional, technical, quirky, funny, but it all depends on the company. However, the first step in identifying and building your brand voice starts with knowing your audience. By knowing your audience, you are able to determine if you’re using the right type of tone for your company and avoid the wrong type. (you don’t want to be funny when you should be technical).

Developing Brand Voice

What are your company’s core values? What do you believe as a business owner? How do you want your customers to perceive you? Do you want them to see you as funny, snarky, trendy, formal, casual?

The answers to these questions will help determine the right brand voice.

The most important thing is to not go against what you strongly believe as a business. You don’t want to go against your core values in an attempt to create a tone you think your customers want. It won’t be real, and won’t come across as authentic.

86% of consumers most sought-after behavior from brands is honesty. Your voice should reinforce your beliefs as a company and be consistent across all platforms.

Brand voice is also establishing expectations for customers. There is a sense of comfort when you know what to expect from a brand or company you use. Think of your brand voices as your company’s character. You don’t want to do something “out of character.”

Establishing a brand voice shows how your brand communicates. Customers begin to recognize your tone and that consistency will build trust.

Building Trust With Customers

One of the reasons for brand voice is to give those customers and potential prospects a familiar and recognizable tone across all your platforms. Building and knowing that voice allows for you to distinguish yourself from other brands, and a consistent tone helps build trust with customers.

By establishing that tone, customers will come to expect and not expect certain things from that brand. This is why when a company does something out of character, it strikes customers as odd or even makes them doubt their current loyalty.

Brand voice must be distinctive, consistent across all channels, and relevant to your customer base. If a brand voice hasn’t been established, now is a good time to start those conversations around it with your core team members.

Have you established your brand voice?

The Spherexx team can help you develop, broadcast, and manage your brand voice online. Schedule a 20-minute consultation to discuss your brand voice strategy.

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