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Stand Above The Noise: Social Media Marketing & Management Checklist


The economics of digital relationships are changing the definition of marketing.

Social media has expanded far beyond a way to connect with friends and family, but now plays a huge role in customers connecting with brands. According to studies, 90% of consumers communicate with businesses on social media and 63% expect customer service via social media.  

Social media is now a tool that businesses use to build relationships with customers and create an emotional connection. But before you move forward with full steam ahead, make sure that you have everything in place to utilize your social media platforms to their full capabilities.

Here are your marketing and management checklist for using social media to increase brand awareness, capture lead attention, and build relationships with existing clients.

Create, Claim, and Manage Social Accounts

First, make sure that your brand is active on all social accounts (relevant to your business). Each one needs to be created, claimed, and active, with an established brand voice across each one. (logo, header, description, website, etc.)

The top players being:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Other social platforms include YouTube, SnapChat, Google +, Tumblr. Do you need to be on all of them? No, but you need to be active on the platforms that will keep you connected with your current and future customers.

Social Calendar and Campaign Strategy

It’s not enough to have all the important social platforms claimed, but there needs to be a strategy developed around it. Everything from content topics to posting frequency to tone and goals for each platform should be decided before you hit the publish button.

A calendar should be developed, mapping out goals and campaigns in advance, ensuring that all the platforms are working together in sync to promote your brand and inform customers and prospects.

Social Content Development

Once the strategy is developed, it’s time to create unique content relevant for each platform around the topics in the calendar. From blogs to articles to case studies, the team needs to produce anything and everything that is going to engage your audience.

Graphics and Multimedia

From images to videos to infographics to animation, it’s time for all these to be created and in sync with the tone of the content and established brand voice.

Remember, everything should work together and build upon one another to create a consistent and cohesive brand tone throughout each social platform.

Scheduling and Marketing

With content developed, it’s time to place it all in the queue with the ideal publishing date and times per platform. Keep in mind that publishing times differ for each platform. The level of engagement changes from platform to platform based on days and times.

Analytics & Reporting

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Analytics and reporting are vital to the success of any social campaign. Reporting allows for strategy revisions and adjustments to be made in order to create an ideal social strategy that is capturing leads and engaging with current customers. Reports help drive your social and content strategies.

Measure & Manage

We know what you’re thinking: Who’s going to manage this?

Good question. While there're many great tools to automate social campaigns and scheduling, we recommend having a person(s) being actively engaged. From the creation to the scheduling to the reporting and the revising of strategies, every company should have a Social Media management team that eats, sleeps, and breathes social.

The world of social media is always changing and evolving. This team needs to be up-to-date on the latest trends, posting times, algorithm changes, and more. The job of the team is to make sure that social efforts are never wasted and always pointed in the right direction.

Make a plan, work the plan, and when necessary, revise the plan.

Looking for someone to partner with you?

Spherexx Social Media & Brand Management can help you develop your social ecosystem. From scheduling to content development to comprehensive monthly reporting, we can help drive your social strategies.

If you are ready to implement everything above, contact us today and let’s discuss your social media and content strategies.

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