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4 Ways to Empower & Motivate Your Leasing Team

Phone calls, emails, tours, resident interactions, and more are all taking place in a leasing office daily. And because of this, leasing teams are known as the kings and queens of multitasking, doing their best to control, and at times, simply try to maintain the chaos around them. With quotas to reach, residents to manage, and prospects to follow up with, it’s easy for the leasing team to get overwhelmed by all there is to do.

It’s no secret that leasing is a high-stress, high-pressure environment, with demands coming from every side and always a new item added to the task list. There is always room for more improvement, more organization, and greater team collaboration. With challenges always arising, one of the most common questions asked is how to continue to empower and motivate your leasing professionals to stay on track, reach their goals, and avoid burnout.

But how to get them there? Here are a few ways to empower and motivate your team.

1. Keep Them in the Loop

It’s hard to grind day after day when you don’t know what those efforts are accomplishing. All too often team members are not made aware of how their work is contributing to the overall goals of the company. Share with your team how their daily, weekly, and monthly goals are impacting the long-term goals set in place. What does reaching those specific leasing goals mean for the business, and for them as a leasing professional.

Giving them the “why” of what they do can fuel their motivation. It’s not just about hitting numbers or making calls or engaging with tenants, but seeing what those efforts translate into. Offering insights about the overall business goals can help the team feel a part of something bigger than themselves and show them how they fit into the infrastructure of the company.

2. Team Collaboration

It’s no secret that leasing professionals are continually working towards their own goals on a daily and weekly basis. However, purposefully cultivating an environment that encourages collaboration and cooperation will help enhance performance on all sides.

Studies show that, 97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project. | Clear Company

Create a place where everyone’s wins and successes are shared. Encourage knowledge sharing, so that everyone is eager to pass on tips or new methods they’ve discovered that make workflows smoother.

Though they work individually, they always need to come back together as a team. Having a collaborative environment has been shown to improve productivity, accountability, and numbers. Healthy competition is welcomed, but as long as the foundation is collaboration.

3. Speaking of Competition

As mentioned above, competition can be an asset as long as its managed and kept healthy.

Sales professionals are usually competitive by nature, and having that in place can fuel motivation to hit numbers and over-exceed competition.

A few ideas might be having goals on a white board or someplace visible in the office that is updated at the end of every day. Create reward based competitions that motivate the leasing professionals to set more appointments, convert more leads, and retain tenants.

But remember, make sure that collaboration is the foundation of the team. You want to fuel motivation, but not at the expense of creating hostility within your team. 

4. Team Performance

In order to improve, a leasing team needs to know WHERE they need to improve. Having a way to track and provide insights can be a huge asset to your team. It can help with managing rewards, benchmarking team performance, and addressing issues as they arise.

Touching on the things that need to be improved will make a better leasing professional team and empower them to adjust their tactics, methods, and overall performance.

Along with showing areas that need improvement, never forget to point out all the things they are doing well. Give them praise for hitting goals, and feedback when they can do things better. Never shy away from acknowledging them when they’ve hit expectations or over-exceeded them.

Maintaining Momentum

Consistency is the key to maintaining forward momentum. By setting systems in place to empower and motivate your team, as well as continual improvement on these systems, you can’t lose.  

As a leader, it is your job to continually ensure that the leasing team is empowered to take care of current tenants, follow up with prospects, and nurture leads to close. Apply the methods above and see the difference take place not only in your team, but in reaching your monthly goals.  

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