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Welcome to our Career Opportunity page! We are constantly growing so some positions will be listed as "always hiring." However other positions are open only when we have a specific need. If you are offered a position with Spherexx, then we will do a background check & drug screening. Every career offer we make is contingent upon a successful reporting on your background and drug test. How you run your life outside of work is a reflection of how you will run your career, so we reward successful candidates.

Client Success Account Manager – Entry Level

Our client success account managers are assigned to specific client accounts for the purpose of constant communication to insure the client is aware of the success we are helping them to achieve. Those achievements could be in presented a website performance (conversion tracking & user website experience) and search engine related services (monitoring and analyzing traffic analysis).


If you are great at multi-tasking and enjoy orchestrating many people to come together to complete a task then you will LOVE this position. Some days you will be on the phone all day with clients and vendors and other days you will be compiling data and typing updates into project assignment notes.

This position will be responsible for the coordination and completion of web development projects (billable and non-billable). You will oversee all aspects of projects by setting deadlines, assigning responsibilities, monitoring and summarizing progress of projects. Project managers are responsible for preparing reports regarding status of projects; lead and direct the work of others; create and maintain templates for project management time tracking.


Expand your career with us! We have immediate need fueled by huge growth to serve our client base with responsive websites built to custom specifications. This position requires you work in our Tulsa office. This is not a telecommute or work from home position. This is not a contractor position - this is full time employment.


This position will suit a person that is great at multi-tasking and enjoys a different schedule all the time. Some days will be spent on the phone all day with clients and vendors. Other days will be sent compiling data and updating assignment notes.

Marketing Video Editor and Producer

As a video editor and producer for, you will be editing instructional videos for internal and client based projects. These videos will be mostly for customized software applications and will need to be highly graphic intensive and creatively animated. You will be called upon to help story board the video and present a professional final product. You will also work closely with our marketing team to develop creative and captivating marketing videos for internal products. You will be called upon to write, produce, setup, shoot, direct, and edit these marketing videos for web and marketing events to highlight our company and products. These videos may include product endorsements, client testimonials, custom animations and more. You may also be called upon to coordinate with out of town videographers to produce marketing videos for our clients. All of these duties will require the ability to manage yourself, keep projects organized and work within pre-determined budget and deadline constraints.

Bookkeeper is seeking a personable, motivated, organized, efficient and adaptive person who has strong skills with AR/AP and human resource experience. This person will assist with finance duties while providing excellent service to our internal and external customers. The responsibilities of this position will evolve and include project work as needed.

Our office is located in south Tulsa at 91st & Sheridan. Our company was founded in 2000 and can offer a stable working environment.


Assistant to President

SALES SCHEDULER - Junior Account Manager




Creative Services Writer

This is a 3 month full-time contract position until we can evaluate your ability to leverage your skill and experience to our needs. After that contract period we will discuss a permanent position with our ad agency/software development company. We started our company in 2000 and are headquartered in Tulsa, OK. You will provide copywriting, message development and conceptualization for highly visible, innovative Sales, Marketing and Corporate & client messaging projects and advertising. As a creative services writer, you will evaluate all submitted copy to ensure quality, brand integrity and appropriateness. You will be responsible to lead creative messaging strategy sessions for all major product launches and brand related campaigns and initiatives.


Please send your resume to




As a website developer for, you will be involved in the production of custom designed websites build to our high standards of performance. Our websites are a balance of function and beauty... meaning that our websites have to captivate the website visitor and drive them to a call to action where the website gleans information about that prospect. We are also known in the industry for building user friendly websites that deliver what the website visitor needs in as few clicks as possible. This delicate combination of form, function and design means that our websites generate sales for our clients. Clients really dig this!

We are looking for new co-workers to join our website development team and we'd like them to be intuitive, smart and able to get projects completed successfully. You will succeed and flourish here if you are inquisitive and able to follow instructions. Yep, it's that simple!

You will be in a contract labor position for 90 days, meaning we will not be withholding taxes from your check. This 90 day period is for us to evaluate your skillset and work ethic. At the end of 90 days if you have excelled at hitting your task deadlines and have met the expectations outlined in the job details below, then you will be offered an employee position with all the benefits associated with that new designation.


As a web application developer for, you might be working with one of our existing applications like,,,, and OR we might start you building a new application from the ground up. You will be called upon to design, develop and implement code. This requires initiative to get creative in problem resolution and perseverance to get the job done on time and on budget.

Our employees stay long term, because we offer a great work environment. Our company was founded in 2000 and can offer a stable working environment. We are looking for long-term hires - not temporary job hoppers. We want to invest in you and visa versa. Please review our required skillset listed below then send us your resume and salary requirements at your earliest convenience. This is a full time position that starts as a contractor position for the first 3 months till we can validate the application of your skills to our needs and then we will offer a permanent placement. offers a wide selection of professional services including web design and development, touch-screen kiosks, Internet lead generation tools, online advertising, apartment leasing consulting, advanced mobile technology, apartment lease-up marketing consulting, and search engine performance. The company also provides branding services, video/multimedia production, print media, and copywriting as well as website and email hosting, database solutions, pay per click, e-commerce solutions and custom programming.


Under supervision of the CIO, the Windows System Administrator plans, installs, maintains, troubleshoots and upgrades desktop workstation, server systems, and application software. Makes recommendations regarding network hardware and software acquisitions; provides network security guidance and monitoring to Spherexx and its clients.

In addition, the programming side of the position will require you know SQL, PHP, scripting and other programming skills to automate workflows and troubleshoot code. You will setup, troubleshoot and manage websites in IIS and DNS. This is a job for someone who likes to work and to stay busy. You will be expected to be working for the company and staying busy 100% of the time. In other words, if a workstation or server is rebooting, restoring or some activity like that, then you will need to be working on another project. In other words, we multi-task to maximize our performance.

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